Ion Saliu


I have been going thru' some of his downloads, of which there are many, and so far there has not been anything, but then who am I to judge. Is there someone with more experience than I who would take a look at his web page:
There are many pages to read and some with interest and then there are many pages with discussion for the pro and con of his calculations and philosphies. Let me know if there is any thought as to this web site???:confused:


As a first advice read the Main Strategy page!

Then start reading about filters, after the pick3 ideas and take it from there! There's a ton of stuff to read there but you have to take time to understand it all!

Each of those programs you mentioned has their purpouse... not all are dedicated to lotto, and some are to test ideas!

I think your best bet is to download MDIEditor, read the doc files that come with it and start testing the filters....

I still haven't catch most of the information on Saliu's site but I'm learning stuff steadly. The main issue is setting the filters! I have managed to win some low prizes, and that's about it... I hope some day to learn enough how to set the filters to win the big prizes!

The stats that the programs generate are also very usefull...
For example the util can create some good reports that you usually would get from paid programs!


you know what I'd like to see? People saying they're using Ion's sw {like MDIEditor) and getting good results from it. Personally, I try to tackle winhunter cuz ppl are reporting good predictions from it, and that's encouraging for me to try it. I haven't heard anything pro or con about Ion's sw yet, other than what thornc has just said here, and from my first lookie see, it requires loads of reading to understand. Which I don't mind,... IF IT'S WORTH IT. But how would I know?


The problem is that most people that use software for lotto prediction and are successfull won't tell you what software they are using!

I know that some person have won low to medium prizes using Saliu's software, no high prizes that I know of... but then again what do I know!

And Rebeckah, there's no need to read much in order to use MDIEditor, just the few docs that are included in the download will do!

So far for me WH and Lotto Analyzer 2000 are the best in predicting..Unfortunately MDIEDITOR didn't do anything good to me in the past however I downloaded the new version hoping it might dosomething better. So far nothing and honestly I like its stats very much....
The bad news is Lotto Analyzer is not free anymore..It used to be available for free but not the case now...
So Rebeckah do the right thing and work with wH and download Lottery director, it's free and good for analysis too...


Thanks thornc & CM. I do have LDirector already & the more I use it the more I like it. My WH has been running for almost 3 days now. My first run tho, and I don't know what I'm doing, so we'll see. :dizzy: Thornc, I think you're right that ppl won't tell. I know when I win I'm not going to tell anybody until years later. & that's only cuz ppl have already told me that I MUST share my winnings with them. I'm thinking they're the ones I'll never tell. Not cuz I'm greedy, but just because it's rude of them to EXPECT a share of my finances. know what I mean?