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Snides ... in response to your posts in other threads ... you have missed the point entirely.

This is not an issue about your right to choose what you want, it is an issue about abuse of the Internet. Before I get into that there are a few realities that need to be clarified.

Firstly, this topic of theft, plagiarism etc. was initiated by you posting in ... claiming to be "the real genius" of a lottery analysis procedure ... a procedure that has been used by a great deal of other lottery geniuses over lots of years. You then wrongfully accuse a member here of the theft and proclaim "I don't intend to make any friends on this board" Well you have that part right.
Regarding some of your other comments to me about not being interested in my own board ... "you did not seem to be interested in your own board"
You clearly have no idea about what it takes to establish, develop, promote and nurture a bulletin board community. Simply put it takes years of development time, hundreds of hours of webmaster skills and hundreds of dollars for registrations, softwares, hosting and bandwidth expenses and I'm talking real $US dollars not our devalued loonies.
Believe me ... I am keenly interested in providing such a place on the Internet for lotto players and my significant investment in time and money over the long history of this board is why I take great offense to any abuse that it or its members receive.
Concerning offering encouragement to members. "You rarely offered any encouragement nor praised many good results" ... You have a point, other different personality types may be more active in that area. I'm more of a pragmatic type of person. It is also not my goal to host a bulletin board for the emotionally needy. This is a place for lottery enthusiasts to share expertise, have fun with their fellow players and friends. A place where they should not experience disrespect or be falsely accused of stealing systems. We are all very fortunate that there are many excellent players and people here who do offer encouragement and support to their fellow community members.
Concerning your comments about my role on this board ..."you didn't fulfil the roll of a tutor" ... I'm not the main event or life of this party ... I'm the host and the caterer. My role is that of a guardian, to maintain the function and integrity of this bulletin board, to eliminate posts and members that spam or are trolls (please refer to this link for an explanation of troll and to protect members from any type of abuse, which includes being solicited via their personal information gathered by an unscrupulous party.
Regarding my Top 20 picks. Yes you are correct the "20 numbers which remained the same for what, a whole month for each set?" ... The sets actually remain the same for longer than one month. This is intentional. They are played for 10 draws in a row. (a common practice adhered to by many lottery experts). I have been developing 649 lotto systems on the Internet long before you probably knew there even was an Internet and I'll be playing the same system for many years to come. It is the only system that has captured a full 7 out of 20 and if its particular style is not to your liking you have every right to choose not to follow it. For players who don't fancy large and slow number sets there are plenty of other very effective alternatives from expert players here using shorter sets with quicker turnovers.

You state ... "you actually shut your forums down for quite awhile, then I believe you allowed access to them again but only for viewing and no posting?" ...
When the forums are up they are always accessible for posting and viewing by any member.
Yes the forums were down for a while. They were shut down directly as a result of the abuse to which I am referring. The forums and the membership list were under attack. Members emails were being harvested and subsequently solicited. The forum had to shut down while a new script, with enhanced security features replaced the original vulnerable one. This disruption cost down time and legal consultation fees regarding the abuse.

This bulletin board has functioned in an harmonious fashion for many years. In 2001 a member joined with the intent of theft of this board's membership. This individual chose to solicit members from this community via private messaging and email harvesting. You Snides were one of those members that was illicitly solicited. Just because you find an offer non offensive is irrelevant to the situation. If your email was taken from this board and someone emailed you with an offer that you deemed offensive ie an invite to join a child porn membership web site or you were emailed an offer to purchase some garbage item, I'm sure that you would be the first to complain to me that your contact info was taken from this board and used for inappropriate uses.

This individual that you enjoy because ... "He shows a genuine interest in his members, his lotto forums" ... has engaged in abusive behaviours here. And to add further inflammatory abuse the same person has returned to post disruptive statements on this board under various aliases as well as maintaining defamatory comments about me personally on the Internet. All of these behaviours are in violation of the terms of service of ISPs, web site hosting companies and bulletin board protocols.

Offered as kind advice ... there are a lot of newbies on the Internet trying to be what they are not and get what they want by cheating, conning and stealing as opposed to engaging in valid work and investment. There are a lot of emperors without clothes wandering the Internet in search of subjects. It is wise to judge people with the same care and in the same way as you do with lotto numbers .... based upon their established patterns of past behaviours.

This issue isn't about bad nettequitte. It isn't about a flea on a dog or insignificant parasitic behaviour ... it is about serious internet abuse begging for a real world civil judical resolution.

This issue isn't about your dissatisfaction with or your decision to leave these forums. It is about you being covertly solicited to go. BTW .. for someone that has chosen to leave, the website logs confirm that you sure do hang out on this bulletin board a lot.

To understand the reality here, you have to ask yourself the question ... where did you come from to get to where you think you want to be?

I am glad for you that you have found a small place to go to and wish you all the best in your quest to break the odds of the lottery.

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