I'm writin' mad.....


It's official, Texas Lottery voted to change our lottery AGAIN!!!!! Those bastards! ;)
So, After reading their new hype about the change from a 6/54 to a 5/44 + 1/44 {different machine), odds went from 1:25 mil to 1:47 million. :( :rolleyes: :heul: so, I wrote a letter, as follows:

You claim the *new* lotto game will give better odds of winning, but any fool who compares the odds of the old game vs. the new game can see the odds of a player winning are worse. You keep changing the game hoping to make more money, without failing to realize that less people play when you change the game to something harder to win. The real lottery enthusiasts like myself, get angry at blatant expressions of greed, lies and stupidity, and then cut back on our playing, or else stop buying tickets all together. The stingier you get, the stingier we get. I thought the last Lottery change with it's subsequent declining sales would have made that clear to the TLC, but I guess not.

Obviously I am opposed to this change. Please keep the Texas Lottery game a 6/54. Thank you, ** Lubbock Texas

And then they responded with:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the Lotto Texas rule changes. The Texas Lottery Commission adopted the changes on March 27. Sales for the new game will begin on May 4, and the first drawing will be held May 7.

These changes should have several benefits to players. First, we
expect to see higher jackpots, which is what players have told us they want. Predictions show we could have three or four jackpots of $65 million to $100 million in a 52-week period.

Next, the overall odds of winning a prize will improve from 1 in 71 to 1 in 57. And with four additional prize levels, we expect to see 25% more winners at each drawing.

The State of Texas will benefit as we expect to contribute more than $50 million in additional revenue in the first full fiscal year.

I hope you'll give the new game a chance when it debuts in May. Again, thanks for contacting us.

Sincerely, John Simo Villarreal
Bilingual Information Specialist

aaarrrrgggggg..... although he's correct about the overall odds of winning increasing, the ACTUAL odds of winning each prize are worse. All down the line. So, they even responded with hype lies. I am NOT surprised. Although I think they would have figured out that each change loses them sales... but the TLC is on their 3rd Director person in the last 5 years or so, and the 2nd Lotto change in that many years. & their sales have been steadily decreasing every year.... funny how he tried to appeal to my community conscience by saying *it'll help Texas*... geez, I don't care, I'm not even Texan, I'm only here to win the lottery anway. Once I win I'm moving to New Mexico! hehehehe. & I bet this is a form letter they send out. Anyhoo, just thought you might be interested in what happened here with the change. Although I'm not adverse to losing that 50's decade, I'm not keen on starting all over again. But, maybe then I can handle the winhunter runs better huh? :lol: & yes, I know, I posted about positive attitude overcoming the odds, {nice bumper sticker) so I'm sticking with that story! Somebody has to win, & that somebody isMEEEEEEE!!!!