I need an education...


can someone please explain to me the basics of wheels and lds etc.

I've been reading this board for a while and I find myself getting lost with some of the terminology. :confused:

I guess if someone could point me to a site with the basics on it I would be greatful.

Also, how do you come up with the numbers you have? I notice the group guru's (Dennis, LT, Picard, dwoods, combomaniac, Beaker, etc (in no particular order)) have great numbers. Do you have software or is this all done the old fashion way?

BTW, I love this board. You all seem to be very friendly and full of info. The biggest thing is that you are willing to share your info (so far).

Thanks for the help


Chagar, take a look at the Lottery Mine site posted on this site for some interesting observations about the lotto.

This site (LT's) has some good information about wheels on it so search that out. If you spend more than a few $ on the lotto, you need to wheel your numbers.

LD's mean "Last Digits" - like 2-12, 10,20, 19,39,49. WHen I talk about LD's I mean at least 2 numbers have them in the regular numbers (bonus not included). You need to consider LD's because 7/10 draws have them. Get a history and take a look.

Having said that, the last 2 draws (Apr 17/20)we have not had any LD's so you might expect some this time. ;)

I use some commercial software, but the majority is my own stuff that I've developed and I follow the good players on this and other boards :agree:

Good luck and post some picks :agree2:


Thanks for the tips. I'm gonna do my homework and get some numbers for Wednesday (the winning numbers of course, don't know if they'll all be drawn at the same time tho ;))