How many people have won 4/6 lot or more in 6/49. Second what was your biggest win?

The 4/6 has alluded me since I started playing. The most I've gotten is 3/6. Is it rare to win the 4/6 lot?

My biggest win in lottery was $1000, playing Banco 6 numbers way back in 1997. I used to vacation in Cuba for 2 weeks. Must have been fate because I played the lottery to go on the trip since I was broke. It was a school trip and the deadline to pay was on friday. I won on wednesday. Nothing beats the feeling of winning. However I havn't won anything since.

I notice nobody really posts how much they have ever won. It will give everyone some hope to know people actually win.

So what's the most you guys have won?


Hey RattleSnake,

For the record, my pool hit 4/6 just 5 draws ago. In an old version of my pool, we hit 5/6 3 times in a 2 1/2 year span. Those wins ranged anywhere from about $1,700 to $2,500. I'm hoping to hit 5/6 again in the next 6 months.



my win

I have won 4/6 on several occasions.
My biggest win ever was 1500.00 last year on the lotto 6/49 with 5/6 numbers on an insta pick.
Just last week I was 1 number shy of 200,000.00 and also a fews months back I was again 1 number shy of 200,000.00 on the Atlantic Wild 5 draw"
I won 250.00 and 300.00 consectivily.
This is a really good game to play.
First one was an insta pik the second time was my own numbers that I have been playing since day 1 of the draw....
still hoping and wishing for the jackpot to come my way and I do :bouncy: expect to get it one of these days....
:dizzy: :bouncy::agree2:
Gotta Love them :)