How Did You Pick Your Numbers Before Puters?


In another thread ComboMan mentioned some good points about the non essential need for lottery software and also the use of intuition in the selection of lotto numbers. As has been said in several posts .. lottery software is about number management not about number prediction. If someone ever did invent a software that could magically and accurately predict the numbers for the next draw do you think that they would make it available to the public? There would be no need to sell it - just use it to win all of the time :) The software tools just make it easy and fast for us to view the number characteristics and relationships.
ComboMan got me thinking about what I did to select numbers before there was lottery software ... you know back in the dark ages BEFORE PC's and the internet .. way back in the early 90's (which in internet time is centuries ago).
Well .. we all have intuitive powers and one of the things that I have been able to do with mine since I was a kid, was to be able to determine whether a playing card was red or black more often correctly than incorrectly. Specifically what I mean is that if a deck of cards was placed face down I can place my hand over a card and "feel" whether it is red (hot) or black (cold) at a consistent correctness level. When I first became interested in the lottery (pre software, PCs, internet etc.) I selected my numbers by writing each number on a round sticker label and then placing the sticker on one side of a white poker chip. I made 49 (numbers 1 to 49)labeled chips which I would place sticker side down on a table and then run my hand over the chips attempting to "feel" which numbers were going to be drawn in the next 649. There would be about 10 to 12 chips/numbers that "felt" like winners. Then I would make up some random combinations and play the lines. One evening I found a better way to make the combinations. I was watching late TV (where they used to show those commercials like K-tel and Ginsu knives etc. ( BTW I did buy the Ginsu knives .. they are a good deal :D ) and there was a commercial for "Marian Petres Players Pick - Lottery Combination Selector Kit". Well .. I couldn't pass that one up and ordered it right away. What arrived was a cardboard rectangle where you could write in your selection of numbers (up to 14) and see thru plastic templates that were inserted over the numbers. These templates came labeled 8, 9, three 12s and two 14s. The templates had some sections blocked out and other sections visible to make up the various combinations as they were inserted over my picks on the cardboard page. What of course they were really doing was making an abbreviated 8, 9, 12 or 14 number wheel from my original picks.
How did I do with this pre software system? .. not bad :D I never won the jackpot but it produced a respectable level of 3 and 4 number wins!
Anyhow .. thanks ComboMan for getting me thinking about the importance of our intuitive natures and the necessity or lack thereof for lotto softwares.

What did you do to pick the numbers before puters were around to help?

For the big prize Super 7 tonight I think I will dredge up my poker chips (1 to 47) and dust off my players pick templates along with my luck lotto number picker key chain :)

All the Best of Lotto Luck to All in Tonight's Big Jackpot Super 7 !!!

LT, I should bought these templates

Hello LT,

Back in the 1990 I used to see those ads on tv every night and I just thought back then it's another scam so I totally ignored it.
Complete ignorance, as I had many chances to win decent money when BC/49 here was 6/40 back then :(

Too late now and have to try my best for current lottery.

As for the lotto software, the best thing itdoes is pairing numbers or triplets. But like u said nobody ever will predict those elusive 6 numbers on one line.
So let's hope our combo methods will click or at least match 5/6.



Gee, never thought I'd admit to having one too :D , bought on the sly-asked for a plain brown envelope a few 3-4 matches, nothing to write home about.

Cheers, Brad


Gosh .. I guess the "Lottery Combination Selector Kit" wasn't a secret device afterall :)
Just goes to show that late night advertising works :D
All the softwares are there to help us in building and calculating stats....from there on it is our judgement that can make a difference....and a little touch of luck.....but by knowing what comes the most with what and what mostly follows what god I think we can pull it
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