Heya...little help with wheeling software needed here....

I have tried few of wheeling software and fund this little variable that bothers me. Why do I always get diffirent number of combinations when shifting software? Not for full wheels ofcourse.

Software #1 15 numbers, 4 if 6, 23 combinations

Software #2 15 numbers, 4 if 6, 22 combinations

Ininuga 15 numbers, 4 if 6, 21 combinations

Software #1 and #3 are croatian software.

My question is...where is the diffirence? Why additional combinations?
4 if 6 condition is presented everywhere!

With less combinations cost is reduced...but what do I lose? Maybe the winning combinations?!!!!

And what is with that Cover32? The documentation is very poor...where can I find a good one?

Finally..what is the BEST :))) software to use for wheeling???

thanks.... :agree:


It looks like they are very similiar - coverage is probably identical.

CoverMaster gives 22 auto-optimized.

I wouldn't worry about a 1 ticket difference :no: unless you are seriously into cover design mathematics


I got the same results as Beaker using CoverMaster (surprize ;) ).

If you are really interested you can import the wheels you mentioned (.txt file) into CoverMaster and use its Reports to show you the diff between them ... as Beaker points out there will not be much, go with the 21 and save a Kuna or two.

CoverMaster is one of the best, and it's free ...