Help with Analysis


Hi All,
Will any one please be kind to help me to analyze this spreadsheet. It is the Washington Match 4 game.
The spreadsheet contains 3 sheets, 1--- Side by Side, 2--- Current Skips, 3--- Median. Yes my skips and medians are completely different as I use filters and only XX number of draws. On the Side by Side sheet, columns B:S is the current skips, and column T:AK are the median were you will also see the explanations for the color coding. I'm not compliant to write a formula or macro to assists with the analysis so I'm asking here. All I want is for 2 numbers constantly as here in South Africa here are no vendors to play the USA lotto's, so I play at a bookmaker but there I had to be on point or I'm out. For the person(s) who help me to find the way I'm willing to share the software and filters that I use, and the Technics I use and how to create future filters. On the current skip and median sheets I have put it in date order, all the sheets contains at the bottom the selections for the 20th May 21.

BlouBul :cool: