help required with uk lottery this week

i need advice urgentlyto pick the numbers for the uk lottery which is a role over week £30,000,000 jackpot
can you help me, if so e-mail me quick
good luck

Lotto Tutor

Hi Ged,
Welcome to the forums.
I'm posting a copy of the email that I sent to you, as the information may be of interest to others seeking a very simplified "quick guess method" for an upcomming draw

Ged's email to
>I need help quickly to pick numbers for this Wednesday 12.1.00
>send best advice quick
>thanks Ged

response to Ged
Hi Ged,
At this time Lotto Tutor posts number predictions only for Canada's Lotto 6/49.
Just as a few suggestions for your UK Lottery - Camelot ... make a list of the last 20 to 25 draws. Rank order the numbers which have appeared the most times. Select either 10 or 20 of these numbers and play them in a wheel such as the ones found in Lotto Tutor's tips section. Now check your bet combinations. Get rid of any combinations that add up to less than 100 or over 200. Delete bets that have more than 3 sequential numbers ie: 123 etc. Each bet should have at least one even or one odd number.
Remember these are just a few basic suggestions. Hope they help. If you win let us know.
All the Best of Lotto Luck to You in the UK draw tonight.

All the Best of Lotto Luck to You!