Help me LT gimme the basics.


Right now my basic strategy consists of one main thing. I look at how many times a specific number has been drawn. I do this a bunch of times but I change how many draws I look back at. The numbers drawn least are the ones I pick because they are bound to be drawn sometime. I also use the 10 number wheel off your site. I know for a fact that I am not using all possible strategies.

What I want to know is what other things should I be considering when picking numbers. I only want to know the basic but proven strategies. I also want explanations for why and how each of them works so I can decide whether to use them.

Also why do you pick a set of numbers and use them for a bunch of draws instead of picking new ones each time?

I would also like it if you told me about any free software that you frequently use (if any) and what it does. Any spreadsheet/database tips for sorting or ranking the numbers based on the strategies you have given me would also be greatly appreciated.


Hi Euclid

Your questions are good ones. Andre has set you on the right path by posting the link to the Tips and Strategies section. There is a wealth of information there. Set show topics to show all and you will find a lot. You are tackling the astronomical odds of the lottery in a serious way and will need the help of your computer and a decent lottery application. Please check out the following, most of which have demos so that you can play before you pay.
The best are: VersaBet, Lottery Directory, Gail Howard's Advantage Plus and for a more economical approach Windows Lotto Pro and Lotto Hat. For the URLs check out the links page on this site or simply type the name into a search engine.
For more wheels that the 10 number wheel on this site, check out the bulletin board's search feature for wheels as there are several good ones and links to wheel sites that have been posted here. Never buy wheels from any lottery site ... all the best are free for the finding.
The Top 20 used to be changed after each draw for years, against the philosophy of many lottery experts who state that it is best to keep the same set for 7 to 10 draws. I switched over to a 10 draw term a while back and hit a full 7 out of 20 some draws back.
For free lotto stuff, here is the best:

John Rawson's Cover Master wheel builder

A free Lotto Probability calculator. Use this calculator to calculate the odds of any number based games anywhere in the world.

Online lotto odds calculator

LOTWIN LITE for 6/49 Lotteries is now FREE
this is excellent .. just substitute the UK database with your own

Locate the shareware version of LottoMan ... best free lotto software but somewhat complicated.

Hope this helps ... good luck in tonight's draw.


I couldn't find that lotto man app and the cover master zip file requires a pass that i don't have. On the page it says something about emailing my e-bay info but i don't go there and i'm not about to start. can i et some help?

Just provide your email and will give you the copy I have got. I got it b4 this password thing. and Don't forget to go to the link I provided.

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Hi CM,

Thanks for your offer to help Euclid but the posting of email addys is not permitted. I have the same non password copy of covermaster and have sent the download instructions to Euclid so that he can get it.
Your link to the Jade Lotery System is an interesting one ... thanks for letting everyone know about it.



I read the picks page were it explains how your 20 best bets are picked but I would appreciate it if you explained in detail what the following factors are.

Hot and Cold Numbers.

I know how to determine cold numbers but how do you pick hot numbers? How do you know which ones will stay hot?

Skip and Hit Patterns.

What would I do for this?

Previous Picks.

How do I know which of the last numbers to choose? Or should this just be bonus points for any number that was in the last draw. And if I use this what should I do if I play the same numbers for a month? Would I look at just the last game or the last month’s games?

Root Sums of the Numbers
Pool Depth of the Game.

Explain what these are better, and how to use them to my advantage.

Numerical Followers.

How would I do this, I would think there wouldn't be any numbers that tend to follow others.

Pairs, Triples, Quads
High Low Ratios
Tens Groupings
End Digits
Sums of the Numbers
Odd Even Ratios

And for the rest of these aren't they filters. How would they be applied to singular numbers?

Thanks for letting me know about this email policy, I didn't know it.
As for the JADE Lottery, the guy is very generous and full of mathematics in his head.
Last time I spoke to him, he told me he was working on a program that will try to predict upcoming numbers based on previous inputs. All Free but no mention on release date.
Few things we have all to remember:
Almost every draw it's 6/43 not 6/49 as the winning numbers don't ever come back again the next draw.

there are numbers associated together like:
8,15,22 and that's happened tonite.
So I was wondering if it's a good idea to play 3 fixed numbers and the other 3 variables hoping to hit 5 out of 6 in case the fixed numbers show up ? Cause we are guaranteed 4 out of 6 if those 3 fixed ones appear. But the problem is where is the money to do that? At least 20.00 each draw.
How about that Euclid ?


the CoverMaster is not 100% correct in estimating how many tickets needed to fulfill certain situations. Therefore depending on JADE Lottery Prog really helped correcting that mistake.


Thanks for the input ComboManiac. But I don't know if that strategy would work, for one it's basis is a little shaky, you say that numbers from the previous draw never come up again but really at least one number will come up again about 57.18% of the time. The other thing about numbers being associated together I don't know if that is true but I would trust you more if you gave some stats for it. Thanks anyways though.

Not to be a hypocrite here are the stats for 57.18%. It is from Lotto 6/49 from the past 1873 draws.

Numbers | | |
From Past| | |
Draws |Occurrences|% of Total|
0 802 42.82
1 774 41.32 2 264 14.10 3 32 1.70
4 1 0.05
5 0 0.00
6 0 0.00

All I did was sum the percentages with at least one number from the past draw. You try it.



Hi Euclid
Hot and cold Numbers or active and idle concepts are selected by defininig a "hot cut off" level that has been productive with your particular lottery as determined by many "what if" experimentation with a particular lottery's database history. For a 6/49 lotto. many would say that a hot number cut off of the previous 10 draws works well. This means that the numbers that have most frequently appeared in the last 10 draws are expected to still be hot for lets say the next 10 draws. Re cold numbers for a 649 do not play a number simply because is has been absent for a long time. Gail Howard offers this advice and backs it up with an example in the Pennsylvainia lottery where on number went to sleep for a huge number of draws. The ball must have gained weight :)
Skip and hit patterns can provide a look at the bio rythym of an individual number. Many times a number goes to sleep and the enters a pattern of multipe hits over a series of draws.
Previous picks show up frequently in the next draw. Just a note that when I analyse for a prediction of the Top 20 for Lotto 649 I do not include the bonus number in the overall process but when looking for a number to repeat in the next draw, the bonus number is taken into account.
Root sums of numbers are acieved by adding up the numbers as follows:
1,2,3,4,5,6 would be 1+2=3+3=6+4=10=5=15=6=21 Then 2+1 =root sum of 3
Some players filter their bet combos to match a root sum that has been absent in the previous draws and is now anticipated to be due.
Pool depth of a game is the average number of draws within which all numbers would be expected to appear. For a 6/49 the pool depth is approx 25 - 28 draws.
For numerical followers VersaBet software has a great analyis feature called shadowing which checks out which numbers have a tendency to appear in the next draw after other numbers.
Sums, odd even, high low, tens groupings etc. are as you notes generally used for filtering the bets and can reduce a lot of lines down to an affordable set of plays. They are not used for individual numbers but rather the construction of the whole bet combination (all 6 numbers).
Your investigation into the processes of lottery predictions is well focused and you will no doubt achive a PhD in your studies in the College of Lotto Knowledge :)
I would suggest that you could check out some of the major players in lotto software, find one that suits your needs and it will really help with the volumous amount of number management and data history analysis that is associated with a complete application of these concepts as they apply to your specific lottery.



All of the programs mentioned are available online. I'm always looking in the CD sections of the stores but have never seen copys of any product except WindowsLottoPro .. at least in Ontario. VersaBet sells on line and then ships their software via regular mail. Gail Howard sells online then mails disks with a manual and even audio tapes. Others offer direct download on line etc. Don't buy a program until you are happy with the demo that most sites offer. Remember these products are sold with "real" dollar price tags ($ US) and our looney isn,t of much help in getting a bargoon :(

Thanks for the reply. I wasn't happy with Windows lotto PRO so let me try I guess VERSABETA . Actually my instincts proved better than the Windows LOtto Prog.
There is one freeware called Lotto97 and it's good for quick picks but has no wheeling predictions.