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Hi there.....curiosity got me so I did a Search for "Lottery Predictions" online and found this website with message board.

Until I was cleared to post, I read the other post in this thread so am prepared to offer some information.

I've been studying the Pick 3 Lottery now for nearly 10 years and developing a Tracking System for the digits. Am happy to say that I finally found somebody who could put my ideas into software, however, the software isnt going to be marketable.

With regards to what I have learned about the Pick 3 Lottery I would like to offer the following information.

We all already know there are 1000 EXACT combinations of 3 digit 0 through 9. There are Triples, Double games and 3 digit games. I have made charts with all 1000 combinations and categorized them into specific groups so can tell you exactly what is there.

Of the 10 digits, 5 digits are EVEN and 5 digits are ODD. That is a 50/50 split so if you can determine which way the digits will lean you are half way there <G> There will be 500 exact combinations that "favor" Even digits by being either all EVEN or 2E/1O. Two Even digits and 1 Odd digit will always Sum Total ODD. Three EVEN digits will total EVEN.

There are 500 exact combinations that "favor" Odd digits by being either all ODD or 2O/1E. Two Odd digits and 1 Even digit will always Sum Total EVEN. Three ODD digits will total ODD.

Each of the 500 exact can be broken down into 4 groups....EEE, EEO, EOE, OEE and OOO, OOE, OEO and EOO. There will be exactly 125 3 digit combinations PER each of these groups as well.
Twenty-five of these exact combinations will be for Doubles in each group.

Additional information to know is there are exactly 100 combinations with....."any given digit" in "any given position of 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

There are 120 unboxed combinations of 3 digits which can be written 6 different ways for total of 720 exact. There are 90 unboxed combinations for "doubles" that can be written 3 different ways for an additional 270 exact. This plus 10 Triples brings you to the total of 1000 exact combinations.

The 1000 exact combinations can also be reduced to "Sum Totals" and those totals separated into denominations of Singles (0-10), Teens (11-20) and Twenties (21-27). For the past 316 games where I live, Teens have played 62.5% of the time. This is 197 games out of 316 with the balance split between Single denominations and Twenties.

This is also about the same % for repeat rate of a digit playing from a previous days game as well. If you can figure out what digit will repeat from a previous game and what position that digit will play in you can reduce the 1000 exact combinations to 100. Then figure which way the digits will lean, remove all the Pures and Doubles if they arent scheduled to play and then figure which way the digits will lean....Even or Odd by whether the Sum Total will be Even or Odd.

Another interesting point that I have found in tracking the digits is.....Most of the digits that play, will play again (if they dont repeat) by the time they get 4 games away from the last time they played.

Last but not least......if you are going to track numbers...you HAVE to keep written record so you will know what has played, what Sum Totals are and how long it's been since a digit has played.


Welcome Clipper :agree2:

We have a few Texas players here - Rebeckah is around altho I don't know if she's a Pik3 player. :notme: and quite a few other pik3 players.

Enjoy your stay :agree2:


Thanks for the Welcome Guys and Gals!

I've been a serious Pick 3 player ever since it started here in Texas.

Hope in the not to distant future I can start working on my Pick 6 System. Hate to tell the Lottery Commission but their changing to the new Pick 6 Lotto here in Texas this next week is only going to make it easier for me to come up with the 6 numbers


Welcome Clipper :wavey:
That is a very helpful consolidation of P3 info that you have put up. Thanks :agree2:


Your Welcome!

You are most Welcome. As said before I've studied the 1000 Exact Combinations in great detail and have noticed certain things.

There was another on the Message Board who posed a question as to how many different EXACT combinations a particular digit would appear it.

Since there are 100 combinations with "any given digit" in "any given position" (1st, 2nd, 3rd) there would be 300 Total here for 3 digit games. I've never counted the other games the same digit would be in other to know that there would be 9 additional games each with the same digit in the 1-2, 2-3 and 1-3 position for an additional 27 EXACT combinations.

Wouldnt take much to figure out how many EXACT's there are either.


hi Clipper :wavey: I'm a Texas Lotto player, mainly pick6. I invite you to post in the International Forum threads where we have some threads @ Texas lotto going already. How do you feel about the new game changes? Overall odds of winning are better, but jackpot odds are worse. :( I'm not too keen on the change. But I'll keep on playing, just don't tell the TLC that. ;) Especially since I wrote & told them I wouldn't be playing.
We do have some other people from Texas here, and I'm hoping that more posts will be made now that the new game is here.


Hi there Rebeckah

Heard you were a Texan! Regards the change in the Pick 6, Im anxious to see what the results are going to be.

When the Lottery first started in Texas I played the Pick 6 and tracked those numbers. After the Pick 3 came out I found it was lots easier to track 10 digits then 50! So that is where my time has been spent all these years since.

Figured once I got my Pick 3 system working in software, generating some $$, I could then return to working on my Pick 6 ideas. Actually I was able to incorporate some of my tracking ideas from the "6" into my Pick 3 trackings and have now worked as long as I have in the Pick 3 that I feel I will be able to use some of those ideas in the "6".

Knowing what I do know about the Pick 6 and what I found before......I think the change is just going to make it easier for me to figure out the 6 digits to play <G> If that is the case, then Im going to like it LOTS! lol

I've seen an example of the Play Card but have as yet found the actual card at a Distributors. From looking at it, the 44 digits are going to be placed on the card in rows of 8 digits each. Top half of the card will be to pick 5 of the 6 and then another set of 8 row digits below to pick the 6th digit.

The old card had all the digits in Rows of 5 each and what I will do for tracking purposes is keep the 44 the same way on my records. Reason for doing this is, if you put all the ROWS in groups of 5 you will then get 5 "columns". If you look closely at the columns, you will see that all the digits in the 1st column will end in 1 & 6. In the 2nd column all digits end in 2 & 7; 3rd column end in 3 & 8; 4th column end in 4 &9; and in 5th column they end in 5 & 0.

In past Pick 6 games when I tracked them it seemed that most of the time digits in one of the columns didnt play at all and I could eliminate all digits "ending" in 2 certain digits once determined which column could be eliminated.

I also divide the total numbers up into denominations of Singles, Teens, Twenties, Thirties and Forties. More often then did, only 4 of the 5 denominations would appear in each game so if can figure out which denomination wont play you can eliminate 10 digits there. If the change to 44 numbers swings the other way and more often all denominations play then not then might have to alter my thinking to expect all Denom's more often <G>

Between the Denomination delete and the Column delete and other considerations, you could effectively reduce the 50-54 numbers down to 18-20 before you start selecting the 6 to play.

Reducing the field to 44 I feel is only going to make it easier to figure out what to delete and the 6th digit out of the other 44 can be narrowed down first by determining what Denomination is going to play and then whether the number will be an Even number or an Odd number. This would take you down to 5 numbers to consider.


Hello everyone,Roy here.I like reading the posts but not much on typing.I am however a serious Texas pick 3 player.I've had some sucess but not anything like clipper has.I would like to here more on your program, Clipper.Thanks.../Roy


Welcome Aboard Roy!

Welcome Board Roy :wavey:

Just got here myself last night :) As far as my system, what I've concentrated on was repeat digits from previous games and then trying to figure out what position they will play in next...1st, 2nd or 3rd.

During the process of doing this, I have studied all 1000 "exact" Combinations and divided them all up into similar groups....EEE, OOO, EEO, OOE, EOE, OEO, OEE, and EOO.

"A" digit will often repeat for as much as 7 games in a row and sometimes only for 1 or 2 games. Sometimes the "same" digit will repeat up to 3 different times straight in a row. Sometimes 2 digits repeat or sometimes 1 repeats and doubles.

Sometimes a digit wont repeat for several games in a row and when that happens you can eliminate the previous games digits from consideration for next game. Generally the repeat rate runs anywhere form 60-62% of the time. Recently though the 10 digits in Texas went through a funky cycle for little over 30 days and the repeat rate dropped to 50%. Never have seen it go lower then that either.

I do a lot of thinking in terms of Even and Odd too. If you keep an EO Record of the games that do play you can tell when a digit in a certain position is going to change to the opposite since nothing is "constant".

If an Even or Odd digit plays in a particular position a lot, then it's bound to change and you can eliminate those type digits in that position.

Basically this is what I do. I have over 40 Charts that I work with according to a system of record keeping I have developed. These Charts include a Frequency Chart and a Level of Play Chart.

Guess you can see why I needed to have software LOL Just did a new Chart tonight involving all EEE games that have played in Texas since the start of the Day Game. Right now it appears the next EEE game might be a Double and Sum Total in the Singles (0-10). Am looking at 040 and 262 right now. Now to figure when EEE is going to happen!

There have been 316 total games with 197 of those games with Sum Total's (11-20), 85 games with Sum Total in the Singles (0-10) with the remaining games in the Twenties (21-27). For this reason it is good to concentrate on combinations that Sum Total in the Teens.

Back to work now.....have 7 more new Charts to fixup tonight since got my new software :D


Thanks Clipper for your reply,I played combos 149,469 earlier tonight.Good luck to you and I'll be watching.../Roy


Checked My Records

Checked my Records for the Texas Night game. Saturday night 465 played. Am showing there should be a repeat of at least 1 of those digits but not "2". Think your 149 might have a good shot ... or 049, 048,148 but not necessarily in that order.

Am getting a reading that digits 5 games or more out wont play and that would eliminate the 1, 2 & 3

Couldnt get a read on the Sum Total so hard to say which way the digits will lean without further study. Did conclude no Doubles tonight <G>

I generally track the Daily Pick 3 more then the Night. Played it for the first time in long time one night this has week. Believe 058 played and I had 159 EXACT. Was going for the ODD Sum Total but a "pure".


Hey Roy....

Just checked tonights Pick 3 Texas results.....158 played! You werent far off at all.

One digit of 465 did play....it was the 5. That would have been the other digit I would have used with....1&9, 0&9 or 1&8.

When I checked again I got a reading of Sum Total EVEN but would have leaned towards the EEE of 048. As was.....was an OOE game of 158 :dizzy:


Hello Clipper,sorry I couldn't hang with you last night,my day starts a little early.Thanks fot the response last night.I like to play two combos and can't make up my mind between 192,476 or 274,297 for today.Does either set look good to you?Thanks,talk to you later.../Roy


Hey Roy

That's OK....Im semi-retired so I have lots of FREE time LOL Know what you mean about early days though...BTDT for long time myself.

As far as tonight, from what I can tell there is going to be 1 digit repeat from last nights 158. Think it will stay an ODD game with either an OEO or EOO alpha pattern.

Also feel it will Sum Total 14 or 12.....Im going with 741, 345 & 543.

Other combinations that Sum Total 12 are:
237, 039, 057, 129, 138, 156.

Sum Total 14 are: 167, 239, 059, 149, 257, 347, 356

My records are indicating the 2 & 3 wont play as they are over 5 games out since last playing.


Re: Hi there Rebeckah

Clipper said:
Heard you were a Texan!{......}
The old card had all the digits in Rows of 5 each and what I will do for tracking purposes is keep the 44 the same way on my records. Reason for doing this is, if you put all the ROWS in groups of 5 you will then get 5 "columns". If you look closely at the columns, you will see that all the digits in the 1st column will end in 1 & 6. In the 2nd column all digits end in 2 & 7; 3rd column end in 3 & 8; 4th column end in 4 &9; and in 5th column they end in 5 & 0.
Not a native Texan tho, just a transplant......
You're talking about the pick5 card. The pick6 had 6#s per row {across that is). & the #s patterned even/odd all digits down a column. No biggie. Anyhoo, love your strategy about FD groupings. How were you doing predicting which group to eliminate? Was it pretty consistant? Meaning you weren't elimminating a group and then one digit would hit from that group anyway?

I also divide the total numbers up into denominations of Singles, Teens, Twenties, Thirties and Forties.
I've heard that called the decade reduction strategy by most people. The 0-9 decade hit 70% of the time, which was a great stat to bet on!

Reducing the field to 44 I feel is only going to make it easier to figure out what to delete and the 6th digit out of the other 44 can be narrowed down first by determining what Denomination is going to play and then whether the number will be an Even number or an Odd number. This would take you down to 5 numbers to consider.

Well, kind of. We're just eliminating the 50's decade. Which is good for me cuz I hated dem 50s. But the 40s will be cut in half, essentially setting it up to mimick what the 50s did in the last game. Did you notice the trending of the 50s? How it would hit twice, then hit once within 2 games? Wondering if the 40's will now trend this way. I guess it is a bit exciting to start fresh.
The kicker will be getting the bonus ball correct.. Your startegies sound pretty strong. How have they been working for you? What have you won?


Im Native

Im a Native Texan....5th Generation

Have Kids and Grandkids that are 6th and 7th Generation <G>

Was talking about the old Pick 6 (50) Game Cards. They had 10 rows of 5 digits to make up 5 columns.

Since there were 50 digits and only needed 6 for the game, 4 of those Rows could be eliminate if you could figure out "which" rows to eliminate. Most of the time only digits on 5 rows ever played with 1 digit on 4 each and 2 digits on a 5th.

Most of the time when I tracked, digits in 1 column didnt play so after deleting 4 Rows and 1 Column, you could effectively take the number of digits to work with down to 18. Taking out 5 rows cut the 50 in half and the column too another 4-6 digits out depending on what rows were eliminated.

My whole concept with both Pick 3 and Pick 6 is one of "Craving your Elephant". Read a story one time about a man who carved the most beautiful sculptor of an Elephant out of Ivory. When another Man gazed upon the sculptor in amazement he asked the guy "How did you carve such a beautiful Elephant".

The guy replied:....I just cut away everything that didnt look like an Elephant :D


Clipper,for Texas tonight,I like something with a 4 & 9 in it.Think I'll go with 496 & 194 combos.If I was going to play Doubles I guess I would play 969,696,414,141.Doubles really do kick my tail,so don't expect much.Good luck to you.../Roy


Good Luck yourself! Like said I dont usually play the Night Game so what I came up with is rather a hasty decision. I generally love it when Doubles play as I can tell a lot of the time when that is about to happen.

Charts for Night game right now are rather contradictive as to whether they will/wont play tonight too. Think if they do, it will involve digits 2,3,4 & 5 or..0,1,6 & 7.

Anytime the 9, 8, 7, & 6 are all involved in either a 3 digit combo or doubles, your Sum Total will be 21 and higher. The 5 can play with the 7 and 9 and be higher but not with the 8. The 4 cant play with either the 6 & 7....and either 8 or 9 and be higher then 20.

For the 4 to be involved in any Sum Total higher then 20 it has to be with both the 8 and the 9 for a 3 digit combo or the 8 or 9 has to double. 5 can play with the 7 & 9 and Sum Total higher then 20 but not with the 6. Like the 4, if plays with either the 8 or 9 one of those digits must double to have Sum Total higher then 20.

So...Any combinations that have Sum Total of 21 and higher are going to involve some big digits and wont happen all that often. Right now....Sum Totals 21 and higher are only 10% for the State of Texas for the past year. And...out of the games that have appeared this past year that Sum Total 21 or higher it's about a 50/50 as to whether 3 digit or doubles will play. If doubles dont play, it's generally the 6, 7, 8 & 9 involved as there have only been 5 games of 15 that have involved either the 4 or 5 for a Sum Total 21 or higher.

There have been 88 games since April 29, 2002 that have Sum Totals 10 or less compared to 32 that have Sum Totals 21 or higher. This makes their probability of happening nearly 3 times more likely then Twenties. Teens playing is little over 50% higher then Singles playing and 6 times more likely then 21 or higher.

For this reason I stay away from combos that Sum Total 21 or higher unless I really, really think they are going to play.