Have the numbers from June 9/2001


After a self-imposed exile, I'm back to report that on the 6-49 draw last night, I have about 25 lines each one starting with number one(1) and ending with number 41.

Also on Lottario in Canada, I have about 25 lines each ending with number 41. I'd go out to check but was up late last night.

Memo to Beaker and Mr. Mills, get back in touch as you did before.

Lotto Tutor

Thank you for posting some of your selected numbers for the 649 and Lottario but number forecasts only count if they are posted BEFORE the upcomming draws

Here is a url where you can check results any time after the draws without having to go out to check your tickets.


To lotto tutor, thanks for the website to check my numbers. I have too many tickets to manually check them. I go to a nice quiet store up here in Ontario and watch the clerk run them through the machine. An honest clerk is like a gold nugget.
The Sat. 6-49 draw jumped right out at me as I played number 1 and number 41 extra hard, and when I saw the winning line, I was very happy. This lottery stuff is just a diversion. I have a regular business that is very lucrative on a day to day basis.
But thsnks for your help. I just am not willing to check my tickets manually.


I sure hope that your system will get you numbers that reach up to 49 because up to now winning combinations for Lotto 6/49 have a tendency to be on the high side.
For example, only 29.9% of the winning combinations have all numbers from 1 to 41.