Hard to believe lotto stories...but are true


Hello everyone out there in lotto land;

I was just reading some lotto results with 5 consecutive numbers and the highest number was 13....GillesD and Brad etc.

So I decided lets have a thread where we list stories which are hard to believe but are true...hopefully :D

So here are some from New Zealand;

There was a draw where 2 people won the lotto.....The winners bought their ticket at the same store. And they dont know each other.

We have had a draw with all 6 numbers drawn from one decade.

And we all know not to pick tickets with all the numbers in one decade....and why is that........because to the experienced player it would be a crap ticket and you would share the prize with someone else.

So how may people won the Lotto that night?........38 people....prize less than $US30000.....yes 30 thousand.

And here is one of the all time classics;

One person has won lotto twice.....Heres the catch.........

He won them one week apart...from my old neighbourhood too. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :agree: :agree:

So what are the odds of winning it 2 times?