Going to visit IBM In July!!!

I already told you about our new special school....But there's more I am invited by IBM in Toronto with my principal and another teacher..(Beak I might visit you or see you at least) as they will give each student in my class 127 Laptops ..And many softwares to work with ...You see IBM is our special sponsers...Being a pilot project all the students will have to write their assignments on the laptops instead of the traditionnal paper and pencil....We will have our section on the net for homework and stuff even a parents comments page...
But while there I will talk them into lottery stuff and devices unknown anywhere .....Stay tuned folks!!!
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Yikes!! IBM Canada (3600 Steeles Avenue East and Esna Park in Markham) is near to my place!:wavey:

A re-run but still good...
IBM: I've Been Married:lol:
IBM: I've Been Moved:lol:
IBM: Itty Bitty Machines:lol:
IBM: I've Been Managed:lol:

Beaker said:
BIG place :eek: :eek:

I have a few friends that work there. All the latest and greatest stuff.
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