Globalcards' 'e-gold' Batch Game is a real-time game that uses
the batch number of the player's e-gold transaction to determine the
winner and loser. The game results are handled automatically by
e-gold's automated payment system. <<<gone>>>
The last digit of your spend determines how much you will win.
The payout can be up to 200% !!
The payout is instantly paid to your e-gold account in seconds.




<<<and gone .. thanks for the notice re the inappropriate post .. LT>>>
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Why don't ya all jest reed'em rules??! If you cain't, git yur daddy to do it fer ya ... :dang:


does it not say anything goes

sorry for that post guys and gals....but when I see a topic "anything Goes" that means you should be able to post what ever you like.....I guess thats not the case in this forum....

again sorry about that


billybob ... thanks for posting your recent post.
It does say in the signup rules the type of posts which are not allowed but I see your point about how the "anything goes" could be misinterpreted.
If it suits you, stick around and you can talk about lots of topics separate from the ecards thing. :)


Sure thing LT always looking for new things to talk about. And I'll no longer post anything about E-Cards on this forum.

E-Cards is kind of new to me and the person that got me hooked on it told me that I should post on as many forums as I could as long as there was a place for it like the "anything goes" topic.