FW10 for BC49



Brad and Daleks

I talked to my buddy here who said it's ok to go ahead and play once every 2 weeks.
As for picking up numbers, it's better to change that everytime.
Like one week Brad and Daleks would pick then next time I would do that with that buddy.
All we need now is to talk to LT and arrange exchanging info etc etc...
Just thought we keep this separate from the picks thread :) ... L8R


Does your buddy have a handle ? If not maybe he should think of one ... has he considered joining this BB?
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mY BUDDY works next door to me so it takes 5 mins walk. What I do is collect moeny from him then I buy the tickets, give him a GROUP copy TICKET ( I ask the lotto retailer for that )...Then we wait and see...
For our Combo 10 FW will do the same procedure....
So if you guys are ok with that, I woould have to open an acct just for that purpose then I 'd have to give you all relevant details AFTER LT OKAYS THAT....

Last win I had with him was aug 31 when we matched 3/9 and since then it's been downhill for me..He won few 3/8's ...

Let me know.. thanks


OK :agree2: ... ask LT if you'd like, or I can do it but probably not till tomorrow aft.


Hows about LottoBuddy, LBud for short ? ;)
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sounds good

what if we all picked three numbers for the same ticket ? ......

just took a quick look at the payouts/matching only three gives a nice prize even.................ooooh i'm all excited.........:bouncy: :bounce:
same numbers is no no

Daleks and Brad,

For example the first draw Brad would pick 5 numbers then he would let Daleks know. Then Daleks would pick another 5..Then you give me all the numbers. I go to the bank,withdraw money and buy the ticket. Then I publish it here on the Net way b4 the draw like on Friday ( payday)..
Is that ok ?

One question for you ? what happens if we won let's say $1,500.00 4/10...In that case I have to write both of you a cheque...How ? when I don't know your names or addresses..

I have to know yur names and vice versa for the group agreement ....Where is my head ?
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chugging along.....

looks like we're starting to crank up the engine.....i don't mind giving you banking information for me rather than cheques if you don't mind going to a different bank than your own if you have to...most everything i do nowadays--paying bills the most important, payroll next---is done via tele-banking.....probably never do internet banking, though....

oH MAN that's easier if that's the case...
I am waiting for LT's reply....
If everything goes ok, then Dec 7 could be the day of RECKONING or perhaps DEC 21 ?


Hey Combo,

I don't mind giving you my personal info, especially if it means that one day soon you'll show up on my door step with a $1M cheque ... Ed McMahon style ... and say something like "let's go to daleks for a brew and split this piece of paper" ;) :D


Neither Kelowna nor Kamloops, Trail's not within shouting distance either ... that should narrow it down :lol: ... but this town has had a ~$1.5M winner few yrs ago .

Time to go ... I have an early morn ... Cheers :agree2:
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Yeah I got the msg....not bad in case yu win big time...
My lottoBuddy has no Internet and no desire to have it again...
we split Combo 8 for tonite's Super 7 draw..so I am hoping to hear good news...
Last Friday he matched 4/8 so he got $40.00 and few freebies..
I hope tonite would be 5/8 or even better :agree:
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Brad and Daleks,

So far LT is not keen about sharing info however I am waiting for another reply as a final answer..And from then on in we should decide what to do...



not very familiar with internet protocol, i am curious to what concerns LT might have, whether they may be addressed somehow.......keeping my fingers crossed.........

The only thing that bothers LT is sharing personal info thru this BB
But i told him none of that would happen so I am waiting for his final answer....
Apparently some time ago some a##h##e abused this website because exchanging emails etc etc was allowed back then...


too bad

suppose one can always save up from their gambling budget and do it on their own....thanks for the effort, combomaniac......:)