Function Group Analysis under LottoStatisticsXL

Presently this function, as it stands, does not give enough information to be of a great help.

The potential output can be dramatically change and provide the user with by far more
valuable information.

So, I'm collection some input, as of to what info the user may consider important to include
and display on the screen under this new function.

Most of the ideas come from the discussions, on this forum.

When someone says, that for the next draw, he likes lets say numbers: 01,15,23

What information he/she would like to know so that we can arrive to a better conclusion about these numbers?

Some thoughts are:
1)...with which single numbers these numbers come together.
2)...with which pairs these numbers come together
3)...with which triplets these numbers come together.

You can add your requirements to this post...


4)...Is the number(s) overdue.

5)...How often has it come up (leap frog) ie how often has 2 come up after 1 or 3 in the previous draw in relation to the total draws of 1 and 3 (I like this from System13)

6)...When a number hits how often does it hit again in the next draw (repeat)



Nick i need to download your Lottodesignerxl software, instead i downloaded wheeldesigner by mistake.


Tim :dog: n


Tim I have sent you a reply in the other thread (where you said you could not find it) with a link to the web page.