Free online lotteries? Are they just scams?


Hello everyone,
I just went through all the messages here, and did not find any pertaining to the free on line lotteries-Does anyone know if any of them are worthwhile. I ask because I registered at imustlotto, and I saw they haven't posted a winner since 2001, since their game is every hour of the day, that sounds shady. Are any of these lotto's reviewed anywhere on the net? any info would be greatly appreciated.



have you seen this site ? Others here may be able to help more, I havn't tried any on-line lottos myself.


I used to play freelotto and it was ok but don't give them your email address. Just give them hotmail acct....Even though I gave them my real name and address, nothing happened. In fact they sent me few $1.00 and $2.00 by mail when I matched 3 or 4/6..
On a bonus draw I matched 5/6 but it meant nothing cause you have to match all to get that car or whatever is offered..
I stopped long time ago cause it's a pain to play every night...


I used to play alot of online lottos a few years ago. I won on Troppo Lotto and Free lotto. Not much more than $10, but they did send $. I like those sites obviously. Some sites are flat out scams. Read the rules to see which are drawn/monitered by independant agencies. Some, like webmillion or sandbox with a 6/99 draw are ridiculous, even if they do give a 100 chances. One lotto associated with email lotto just scammed everybody and after a year sent out an email to all players actually saying that his game was fixed and were idiots for making him rich. Bad karma will smack him one day I'm sure. :eek: So, read the rules if you're really concerned. And have fun! If you're not enjoying it, then it's not even worth the time you spend doing it.


I was playing few of them. But never hit anything.
But all I can think of it is that it is a SCAM!!! You cannot witness theirs drawings..because they are made with a help of computers...and they allready have logs of your you willl won nothing.... they send you some sort of a CASH...but that is just for you to continue playing....