Foreigners and Tax

Do foreigners not living in the US have to pay state tax if the jackpot is won?

I know non US citizens might have to to pay Fed tax, but how much?

thanks for any replies


A few details...

In order to help you with your question, you need to provide some more details. Are you playing a Canadian lottery?, or an American one? Where do you live? Canada, Mexico? Europe?



foreigners must pay a 30% withholding tax to the Feds in the U.S over 600$. But what the hell with an exchange rate of 50%+ who cares. The reason for the withholding, ie U.S. citizens pay 10% & foreigners 30, is because the Fed's tax the winnings not the cut of the purchase price.A silver lining you might be able to file for refund of the withholding tax as a Canadian