flipper survives fast count in boxing ring!!!


Don King, of Cleveland reported on Tuesday that flipper of Oshawa survived a possible TKO in the Lottery Lounge Gaming Centre just outside Reno, Nevado.flipper was in hospital on Tuesday and got out about 2PM.Treatment included correction for an ingrown sty and possible ear drum damage on right side of face. At present, flipper has low hearing in right ear, but the drugs and pain killers are giving flipper a "cheap high" and flipper should be back in action on Wednesday June 27/2001

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I am really trill to hear you Flipper!
Hope you feel alright! We were missing you here! I'm even going to give you a smiley for the occasion!


Great to see your back and posting again. The ear drum thing explains the listening thing. The improved sight will greatly enhance your typing skills. [LOL]
----- PETER The "ear drum on the right side of the face" you must look like a Picasso.

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