Flip please!Another story on the clerck...


Dennis, don't understand your request. Also, the word clerck. Are you talking about the clerks at the stores?? Have the hospital drugs worn off yet??????
Please retry your question.
Sorry my spelling is as bad as your hability with numbers!
A clerk once said that to a guy
holding 69 tickets on his hand .
I'm trying my best Flip, hope you understand!


Welcome Trotter,You must have missed Flips birthday last week. Flipper is just being Flipper. It is hard enough to figure things out he says in English, and you want to decifer the babble in Flipper French ,good luck. Look forward to your postings.--------PETER
Don't bother Trotter, Flip the brain is my friend!

He's sometimes controversial but he is a terrific read...and it doesn't bother me at all if he can't read me!
As long as I can read him!


Thumbs up to you Dennis!!!!!!!!I to, have said that Flipper is controversial, but a good read. This is what makes this board so interesting and not boring. I'm glad that you and Flip are back. ----- PETER