February at last!!!

I'm kind of happy to see February....I do not like January too much....Never did....Now February has a history for high draws in Canada 6/49....And I expect a few of these during the course of the month....It is the woodchuck month... :goodluck: :baby: :uzi: :gunfire:


Let's make sure they don't come out

Say we take up a collection to encourage the woodchucks, groundhogs, marmots not to come out tomorrow ...

Pls contact Wiarton Willie here , Shubenacadie Sam here ...

Still trying to locate Penticton Pete ( think that's the correct name) ... find the one burrowed near you and remember:
"If Candlemas Day is bright and clear/ There'll be two winters in the year."

PS use of firearms or explosives is not recommended as encouragement, a large plug will suffice
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