Feb 05 Provincial Piks/discuss.


enough draws have passed that the Bonus did not repeat within 1 or 2 draws following - except the stupid 16B 3x in a row, which does not count - that i'll be playing 39 on all my boards...it also makes a good last number, so i will play no 40's.....22 and 30 both have me worried,,,,been a while since they've been drawn, ,,,,which one will repeat ????


playing 80 boards, all over the place......all boards have 39 on them, lots of boards have either 20, 22 or 30.......after that i went to an x,y chart, and picked numbers at random from only the last 7 draws, except for " 1, " which i picked a few times. stayed away from the 40's, except for 44 and 46 a few times.....went back 16 draws on the x,y chart......trying out numbers by pattern......eg. - the teens started coming together in one bunch, culminating with two sequential draws of 15,16B, then spreading out next draw with 13,16B,18,19 and 12,20 after that.......so i concentrated some numbers around 9,10,11 and others around 20-23.....the single digits #'s look like they're dropping straight down, so i threw in a few 5, 6,7 and 9.....whenever i have done this previously i have either a) missed everything by one digit or b) connected to give me 5/6........on several boards i have 2 or 3 30's.........the reason for all this is that i am unable to find numbers i am comfortable with as DN's..........

following the upcoming saturday draw, i will be playing many subsequent advance DN draws, as i think this week-end or next i will be heading up the coast to remote areas for several months, with only very expensive satellite internet use, if i can even manage to hook the stupid thing up and remember to bring all the right wires and couplings and stuff...........


Wow, that's what I call determination. Let's hope these remote places have lotto terminals so you can keep playing daleks.


hee hee hee.......definitely no lotto terminals or retailers and the nearest beer is up to 3 or 4 hours by crew boat or a chartered Beaver beer run or the supplies which you take.....i'll keep playing for sure, with advance buys, and i'll post them here before i go.......the satellite phone will work, but many times because of the mountains i will not be possible to obtain a clear view of the satellite for a fixed station.....even the phone, handheld, i have to move around in small areas as the signal fades......this is all with only 25 watts.....a few years ago i tried hooking up via SSB (single-sideband) and through the old MTS system towers....that sort of worked o.k. for faxes, but was super slow....now many of the MTS towers are taking autotel signals, and usually overloaded.......i do have a new antenna array for the satellite, and over 500 metres of cable and i will try that.....mostly for daily communication with helicopters and such....depending where i am that day or week, much daily communication has to be re-routed through several stations, which is a pain in the you know what......going to be in the inlets between Doc Creek (north of Cape Caution) and Roderick Island (tucked into the mainland east of the south part of the Queen Charlottes)......

am actually sort of looking forward to pre-playing some draws.....i will stick with what i used to do, which is to play no 40's, use the 37,38 or 39 or 40 as a last sequential number, throw in the odd LD 6, and play everything else LD 5 or less......used to just do LD's below 6, but was bamboozled by a few draws last year where, had i thrown in that single LD 6 or over, the prize would have been very nice.........every so often i will find an excuse to hit town (Pt Hardy for a beer run or GPS stuff, Campbell River for engine overhauls, anyone of those for brunch and general debauchery) and will keep current that way..........will be around until either this saturday, or next, and will discover that tonight.........
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I didn't really think so but hey that sounds like my cuppa ... esp the Beaver on floats, when I win the JP ;) a float plane will be one of the first items on my list :agree: ... too bad about the beer being so far away ... word of caution, do NOT get any of those instant beer packages (just add water), been there done that :sick: it'll only change your hair color :hair:




....yup.......you can see why BYOB is the way to go......never come across instant beer mixes.....the water we get up there is brown to start with anyway, cedar run-off.....some years ago came across fellow who, on his barge camp, had made a little brew house, and had bottles of homemade lager, ale, pilsner,,,,,,,he even labelled the bottles.......his camp was a well known secret and a popular stopping -by-for-to-see-if-my-engines-sound-o.k. place.......
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hope to come across him this year again...always has a warm kitchen, big fire going, and lots of attitude........all welcome in the lousy weather out there..........gotta run, play a couple of more tickets on " the other lottery." back in the morning to see results........don't see youse guy's piks on this one, combo's got something going, too, on "the other lottery"......lotsa luck........



too busy today, hope to have some for Sat. Just watching Markov and maybe my flop 14 from last draw.

Good Luck Players !! :agree2:



QC ... 01 03 05 19 38 48 B46
ON ... 16 18 22 37 41 44 B47
BC ... 01 09 10 11 30 32 B14

Hey Brado and Daleks

Funds, WH and some wicked anticipation can solve this BC/49...
For example tonight I had let's say 5 different Combo sets. One of which had 4/8 !!

09-10-11-13-17-32-40-46 !!

I was almost sure # 1 was gonna show up....But WH amazingly enough got this 09-10-11 correct.
Here are the parameters( were prepared long time ago for 6/49) for you Brado.

Filter :
Draws to Bypass ---> 1
to Use-------------> 50

Gap weight 4
Max Gap 8
Predict positio weight --> 0

Match weight 7

Overdue weight 6
not recent weight 0
HitSpan 3
Repeat weight 0
Under total repeats 1
Max repeats 1
Max Repeats weight 1

Pair Low Weight 3
AVg weight 5
High Weight 8

Selection method High
Type Exclu
Min to Select 8

Now if you go to Version 0.14 you would get 3/8.
and the settings are as follows ( simple )

Just keep all parameters checked and :
select method is high
Type Excl
Min to select is 7 ----8 ( u get 9 numbers so u need to delete one manually )
Skip Qty 1
Use qty 20

the numbers are : 09-11-13-31-32-34-36-44

Hey Brado

MDIEDI matched 3/6 twice to make it even for 2 draws. So L.A., Markov and Lotto 97 are trailing for now...


Should have played it Combo ;) ... you said earlier it was 'new', what's it called?

I'll take a look at your WH parameters later, I'm still trying to sort out the Perkisize Proccessor.

Just a quick note on your filter arrangement in WH. Looks like a parallel placement, meaning all are in the same stack. If I'm right in thinking that is how individual stacks work then the #s are not being filtered properly.

The proccessors need to be placed in idividual stacks, then WH puts those stacks in series ... unless you want 2 filters working together in an 'either/or' situation (same stack then). Again, I don't want to mislead so I'll double-check with Andrew when I get a chance.



......<<<lots of boards have 20,22,or 30...except for " 1 " which i picked a few times........so i concentrated some numbers around 9,10,11.....on several boards i have 2 or 3 30's...>>>

and with all that i got three of 4+B, six of 3/6, many,many 2's, and a lot of heartache......never once played the 9,10,11 on the same line, although in some draws i will play something like that " just for fun"........the night before, on tuesday night, i was reading something, listening to CBC radio, and in the background thinking of the 1,9 combination, of using it as a DN pair.......because i had most of my slips already filled out, i did that on only the last slip, and every board on that turned out to be a winner..........

onward and upward...

hey, there, Brad and Combomaniac.....I'll still be signing on whenever i can, and should i see your system posted and you actually think it will work, i will play it......but would like to limit each draw to 80 boards, unless we miss one and double up on the next one........

You are almost there just one more number and you would have gotten that 50,000.00
As I said b4, you and WH prog will be able to get either Jackpots.
Because 80 boards give a great chance to match 4/6 quite often plus of course the many many 3/6's.


Let's hear it for the BeerMan ... yeaee daleks he's our man if he can't do it ... nice win, should keep you in suds for a while :agree2: (picture a couple of barrels in tow creating an interesting wake).

I'm still plodding along at breakneck pace of a subsonic snail, today a smidgeon faster since I slapped another 128MB RAM into my overheating laptop .... Booom!! Hear that? That was my dream of one day breaking the sound barrier...oxymoron you say, well how's about Supersonic Escargot ?! :D ... aaaah shuddup you silly black cat :sick: go catch a kangaroo or something ...

Now seriously Combo, MDIEditor you mentioned ... had one for sometime ... is this a new version?


Yes Brado it's a new version which I haven't tested 100%..I just took the easy way to generate numbers. So far it's better than anything else...I gotta test the Combo option to compare with WH.
I hope tonite I can do that.
I guess when I do that I should let it run for 50 draws or less b4 the draw # 1151...
Maybe that was my mistake b4 by let it test the whole history.


Thanks CMan,

gotta plug in the plugins here ... just curious how fast it takes your puter for 1 cycle thro all draws using the homework settings, if you think of it when you run the test ...

One other sm point, checking the bottom last 16 draws in the file is meaningless, when considering the many many cycles we're likely to see over the course of the test it may be worth it to adjust the setting not to read those ... didn't do it the first time I ran the test cuz I didn't think of it.