Excel Wheel Software


michael168 said:
Does anyone know how to use Excel XP combine with VBA to make lottery wheel ?


No need to post this twice. The answer to your question is YES - Nick does.

What does this mean????

1) Do you want to code VB to create covering designs like Nick's software??
2) Do you want to code VB to populate cells in the spreadsheet??

No need to reinvent the 'wheel' here - Nick's software is very sophisticated and I suggest you take a look :agree:


Heres a link to Nicks complete wheel.

Check out the Free lotto stuff section for links to other excel progs from Nick, like LottoDesignerXL.
Yes, I want to code VB to populate cells in the spreadsheet which contains my past draw result based on certain conditions and run the wheel.
Hope you can understand I am not reinventing the wheels.
I have already download the software as you stated but I can do the things what I want.



Nick also does a wheel where you can list constraints.

It is called LottoDesignerXL.

follow the white rabbit

Check the free lotto stuff section for the link.

LottoDesignerXL produces an abbreviated wheel or a complete wheel if the design is within 200 lines.