Excel Count Unique Digits from 2 Ranges

I have the following values in cell range A1 through C1
A1 = 9
B1 = 0
C1 = 4

In cell range A2 through C2 are the following values:
A2 = 0
B2 = 0
C2 = 7

The answer should be 1 since only the 0 from B1 appears in A2 and B2
If the digits were 0 0 4 in cell range A1 through C1 then the answer would be 2 since ther are 2 zeroes in each of the cell ranges.

Thanks in advance!!


Well I have an idea or two but I’m not going to mention them if you are not going to give any feedback afterwards. Back in the first week of September in the topic of right digits only, I spent some considerable time answering your supplementary question about the 100,000 digits. This was not acknowleged , commented on nor any thanks received.
Then, later about a month ago you created a topic “Lottery grid”. Again I spent some time helping you, and again there was no acknowledgement that you had even read it. Did you read it? I would not expect to receive help on a subject a second time if, after someone had gone to the time and trouble of helping me, I just ignored that person and moved on. That’s not how I work.