Even/Odd Sums & filtering


Here's something I found very interesting. In my TX 6/54 Lotto an odd sum always has an odd Odd/Even split. An even sum always has an Even O/E split. Look:

Odd sum has a O/E ratio of 3/3, 1/5 or 5/1
Even sum has a O/E ratio of 2/4, 4/2, 0/6 or 6/0

So, if you filter for an odd sum hitting, then your O/E ratio will AUTOMATICALLY be 3/3, 1/5 or 5/1. You can't filter for an odd sum and an O/E ratio of 2/4. If you have any inclinations that your O/E may hit 2/4 or other even ratio as well as an odd ratio, then filter for the O/E and not the SUM being either odd or even. In other words, if you're not sure then don't eliminate it.

Does your 6/49 work this way as well?


Odd / Even

This is not a lottery thing but it applies to all numbers.

If you add any 6 numbers and 1 or 3 or 5 of them are odd, it is impossible to get an even sum but if you have 0 or 2 or 4 or 6 of them being odd, automatically the sum will be even.

There is no need to use two filters (even/odd ratio and even/odd sum). They give the same results.


Ah, well thank you, that's good to know for when I move again and my games change to a different states games. In my wheeling software {Lottery Director} the filters don't give the same result. The O/E sum filter would eliminate all odd or even ratios, whereas if I pick a 1/5 o/e ratio, it will filter OUT 0/6, 6/0 ratios, but include 1/5, 5/1, 2/4, 4/2 & 3/3. Just as a 2/4 o/e filter choice would include 2/4, 4/2 & 3/3, but exclude 1/5, 5/1, 0/6, & 6/0. So, I get the additional ratios within those limits. Cool eh?
:) :lol: