Edmonton lotto booths down


I'd like to blame this on Randal, but I doubt he could hack into the lotto terminals.
My question is this:
has anyone else experienced problems at any stores across the country today having the lotto terminals shutdown? I went to about 6 or 7 stores to buy my tickets, and all of the retailers told me their terminals were down, and it appeared to be city wide, now I cannot confirm if indeed it was city wide, as I did not have time to check out 2000 retailers, no explanation was offered, or as to how long, so I just wanted to know if anyone, across the country experienced this today., Thank-you, Peter.:wavey:
I had the same problems...but 2 weeks ago for Super 7...but it was understandable...everybody wanted a shot at the 30 millions ...I know that this phenomenom is happenning from time to time here also... :confused:


I never had that problem but I haven't been buying many tickets lately. Maybe some core router got dropped that was networking all of the terminals in your area?

I'm not sure how it's setup, if it's anything like the internet it's bound to break down sometimes. I understand this internet is supposed to be able to survive a nuclear disaster but if you've had the experience I've had with routing between US/CA/EU then you'd see that things break down and have their bottlenecks.