Download Sample Coming this Weekend Friends??

Due to popular demand and the level of my confidence on what I created. I will be working on this weekend by Sunday hopefully I will be allowing you to download a 14 day test drive of my creation the Play Pick 3 Software Game Tool. My offical release to all of those who have purchased already I will be mailing out your copies by July 2, 2002.

To everyone else I hope that you will be ordering this software. It's different from anything else on the market.

Keep in mind that this program will not predict many numbers. It will only predict (1) potential winning number.

I have added an import wizard for you with (4) options so that you can import your numbers, just in case your state will not automatically download the past winning numbers.

Enjoy this software for again I am confident that you will enjoy it. Look at it like this, not only is it a Lotto Pick 3 & Pick 4 number predictor, but also its has a free Personal Information Knowledge Base for you, an IRS Tracker with 3 options of Reports, Web Tracker/ Launcher, and finally a group play and For Fun Play Option.


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