Do you have any tips&strategies buing lottery?


I hear most of the Americans like playing the lottery.Is it true?I am a Chinese lottery fan and have look on the history of your lottery for a long time.Could you tell me some tips&strategies of yours or can we exchang our minds about lottery?
I'm full of curiosity about your lottery.How about the types and how to play ?when will the winning numbers be released ?I solicit your more information !!

Are there any courteous and earnest friend help me?


ivygirl said:
Are you a lotto analyzer?if so ,can we share with some tips?I come from China and also a lotto Junkie using lotto software.
Can you tell me some information about your playing lotto or can we analyze the winning numbers along?
I'm expert in the pick 5 and have some achievements.
ivygirl, there is a great deal of information already posted here on tips and strategy. I would suggest reading the posts from this site from the last 3 months then we can talk.

You are correct, I analyze the history of our lotto here, which is a 6+bonus/49 balls - many of us have be looking at this for years.