Do not forget about poor people!

Like it or not we do live in a strange world...some people don't have too worry if they will be able to eat 3 meals a day but some are....some are children and in this country it is happenning on a dayly basis...we have a lot of them...I always think about these poor folks not only at this time of the year but all year round ...But at this time of the year you can make more only as a reminder that what you have might one day be taken away from you...
So give up some of your time... volunter for charities organisations in your neibourghood that are trying to help the less fortunate people...They badly need you..Help them... help others in this time of celebrations... A big smile from one of these poor child will be enough to make it worth trust me...Think about it... At least be generous give what you can...Be one of those that are doing something about it ...And if you do go on the road,give your time to help collect goods.. like many are doing...The morning after you might be a little more tired than usually but you're only going to wake up in a better town...And in a better place to live...
If everyone gives a little it will be a lot!
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AT work we usually get a Family to get things for. We also donate to the food bank here. Plus what we do on our own as well...

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My partner and I donate food and when xmas arrives also presents.

We also donate lots to SPCA....Animals cant fend for themselves and our house is like Noahs ark.....yes 2 of everything. I hate seeing animals by themselves so when you cant keep them company they have each other.....2 Dogs, 2 cats, 2 budgies, 2 rabbits, a zillion fish.

We just bought pressies for some kiddies yesterday.

This might sound strange but we do budget for donations.
I went door to door around here yesterday to collect non perishable food and stuff....I'll do it again sometimes next weekend!
If you are ask to help go and if you have free time ....register in your area to help those that are trying to help...
There's always someone that needs you...
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