Discussions for June 1 6/49 Draw


Let's start the talk here for $10,000,000

Dennis, we finally got our 2-15 announcer. :agree: :lol:

Now, no 1's for sure but could we have any 10's :eek:

For sure it will go high.:agree:


This is a listing of the $10,000,000+ (won or not) winning numbers so far for 2002:


May 15/2002...01-04-14-20-41-44---09---$12mil---5
May 11/2002...09-33-36-40-46-47---35---$10mil---0
Apr 10/2002....03-05-24-26-33-46---11---$10mil---1
Mar 09/2002....04-06-16-38-44-45---09---$10mil---2
Feb 06/2002....01-05-14-15-20-43---32---$12mil---2
Feb 02/2002....11-17-22-26-43-48---27---$10mil---0
Jan 09/2002....08-12-15-23-28-39---43---$10mil---4
Low numbers will show up

Dennis and Beaker

This time I have a strong feeling that fomula will show up.
Something similar to :


Something to that effect but not entirely high draw as you are predicting. Therefore try to include those low numbers so you have 12 wheeling system rather than 10.
Last draw I played only one line and managed to get 8,15 right. Too bad couldn't get the 3rd right but it was the instinct that low numbers will show up.
Good Luck and let's hope for the best.
BTW I had 6 lines w/group in which 5 of them had number 44 !!
Sometimes QuickPicks give us some clues.


Combo, the 2-15 is an excellent announcer of the high draws - check the history - you will be amazed. After seeing those two numbers in action, you might change your mind about low.

Having said all that, I'm going to take a close look at 1-2 and maybe 5 just to make sure they are not going to spoil the party :lol:

LD 4 has been hot lately - it's run may be done.

Watch LD 1. It has a habit of hitting when the jackpots are big. :agree:

Quickpiks are good to see if you're in the ballpark. Sometimes I use that strategy.

Combo, someone is going to hit big soon... stay tuned...:thumb: