Dilution of Winnings


I would like to know if anyone has any idea of how diluted the winnings would be should a large prize be won using the Lotto-Tutor's 20 predicted numbers and abbreviated 10 ticket wheel? Would there not be many, many people playing the same numbers... resulting in significantly diluted winnings?


There are many, many ,many different combinations that can be used using the 20 numbers and a 10 number wheel. Not everyone would use the 20 numbers in the same order.
I do not know of hand how many combinations there are but will do a little research on it and let you know..


The total combinations using 10 numbers, is 210, and the total combinations using 20 numbers is 38,760.

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Thanks Sheba and Shango for such quick and accurate responses. Below is a response to an email question that I received about the same topic. Usually I just post the email questions in the mail bag category but the info is timely here as well.

Shared Wins ?

Rachel asks:
If I use the 20 numbers that you predict... would this not mean that, should they win, so would many, many, many others.......significantly diluting the prize dollars available?

Hi Rachel,
You have asked a very good question to which the answer is both yes and no ... more probability on the "no" side.
Essentially, 20 numbers is just too large a number pool to produce disastrous results for sharing a top tier prize jackpot win.
If Lotto Tutor's picks were a number pool of only 8 ... wish that I could narrow the potentials down to such a small set
... then the sharing of a 6 of 6 or 5 plus the bonus top jackpot would be a very real possibility.
If all 49 numbers were used in a number pool set then it would take 13,983,816 bets to play all of the ticket combinations.
Lotto Tutor's 20 number pool set lowers the total amount to 38760 possible combinations or tickets to play. Assuming that the Top 20 number prediction pool captures all 6 winning numbers or 5 plus the bonus number ... as the pool does several time a year ... then there would have to be a lot of players ... 38760??? using the Top 20 numbers to share a top prize.
Lotto Tutor is a high traffic web site and it is theoretically possible ... but certainly not at all probable that hundreds of players could select exactly the same 6 winners out of the number pool diluting the individual prize win.
Just two points of interest regarding similar number wins ... 1. If you have a three number winner on your ticket you will still get $10 no matter how many similar number sets are played and 2... I would be more worried about playing numbers based upon people's birth dates i.e. numbers 1 to 31, than playing Lotto Tutor's top 20 because gazillions of lotto players use birthday numbers for their bets and this would make for a very real possibility of shared prize winning.

All the Best of Lotto Luck to You!