detect repetitions of numbers always from the last draw to the next,


it's always from the last draw to the next draw, the goal is to see which numbers repeat from the last draw to the next no matter the column, and the sum of the repetitions ( lottery lotomania 100-20) please


The most common amount of numbers repeating to the next draw are 4 of them. It happens 25% of the time. This agrees with theory. The sheet counts how many times each type of matched repeat happens. e.g how many direct repeats of 2 numbers, how many direct repeats of 3 numbers etc. It compares the results with the theoretical expectation. Its almost an identical match to theory.
There are 2 sets of data plotted on the chart, the actual and the theory. The curves lie on top of each other.
Note the same results would be obtained for repeats with any skip, it doesnt have to be to the next draw.

There is a table which counts how many times each number repeats over draw history. These vary according to how often each number is drawn. The less it is drawn, the less chances it has to repeat. Nothing to help you win here, just informitive.çoes+lotomania.xlsx/file


ok frank, you're correct, so the central range of the gauss curve of probabilities is 2 to 6 numbers in 85%, mathematically this is correct!, from this data I can create filters for the next draw,
01 02 03 04 05 = a
06 07 08 09 10= b
11 12 13 14 15 = c
16 17 18 19 20 = d
leaving a line out
ex = I leave out the line c playing with 15 numbers
remembering this lottery you can play up to 50 numbers, so after the last 15 numbers we still have 35 numbers to choose from 100-20
ok frank great job thanks

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