Dennis Bassboss' success ?

Hello crew....

Okay, I'm a newbie. Just spent an hour and a half reading your posts for the past year. Some pretty interesting stuff. I'll be sharing my exploits in future posts, soon.

For now I have a question for Dennis Bassboss, stemming from a comment he made in one of the posts. Dennis, what combination of ideas and systems proved most useful in winning the $700 over the past two months. Share please. Pretty please.

I personally have tried almost every sys. out there in last 8 yrs. Gail Howard. Lotto Pro, you name it. All have their little pluses. Have tried to get a couple of groups going too. Lasted for a couple of months, that's it. Most people get bored. Most people are not consistent gamblers. I don't spend much (maybe $20-$50 a week), depends on the jackpot. But would love to increase success rate, then would consider raising the ante.

So please share...... and I'll be back later.


P.S. I'm into the Ontario49 right now, which gives me twice the bang for the buck, since it is 0.50c a play. I usually break even over a 4 week span.

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Silly, welcome.

your history sounds like mine. I wonder how many people bought the Gail Howard lottery systems oh so many years ago. I shouldn't complain, I still use her system56 wheel which is the best 12 number wheel I have come across. 3 numbers out of 12 and you get your money back.

Look forward to your predictions


The Ontario 49 is a lost cause to win money.I'm not being negative here but you are new.The jackpot is never won. Yet they keep it at one million dollars every week. It does not increase, so all players are getting screwed.

I find the delta numbers provide the best bet. On this past Sat. 6-49 draw, I have 25 lines each starting with 1 and ending with 49. Check the results and see why I'm happy.
Okay Flipper,

Please, if you start a sentence with "I am not being negative..." then you have to remain positive the rest of the way. You seem to be contradicting yourself. On the one hand you are putting down the Ontario-49, claiming that it is nothing but a scam. On the other hand you have all the hots for the National 6/49, which has absolutely the same odds, is also drawn twice weekly and unless you win the first and/or last prize, offers similar payouts: 4-numbers=$50, 5-numbers=$500, 5+bonus=$50,000. Like I said before, unless you are constantly winning the BIG prizes, you will not notice the difference. By the way, when was the last time you hit a 5-number, 5+bonus, or 6-number?

You seem very negative towards others in all posts I have read so far. I have two BRAND NEW posts and they have BOTH been put down by you already. I have reviewed the delta site and have mixed feelings on your enthusiasm of this concept, but you will not see me attacking your way of thought here. Just your attitude towards others.

THAT out of the way, how is everyone else this glorious morning?

Thorngren! ... Thank you for your mathematical wizardry. Will pick up a copy when I get the chance.

Thanks for the welcome Beaker.

Talk to you all later...



If you want to play a lottery where the jackpot stays the same week in and week out, be my guest. I would think that if the Ontario 49 jackpot does not go, they should increase it for the next draw. But as long as people like you throw in 50 cents week after week, why would they increase the jackpot? The Ont. 49 is a waste of time. Check back in the last year to see how many jackpots were won. No more than 3, probably less.

Much the same as the Toronto Maple Leafs. They put up their ticket prices year after year as they have suckers lined up to pay for tickets. I'm surprised you think the Ont. 49 is a good deal. I'm not being negative, only trying to protect you from yorself.


Re 5 numbers and the bonus paying the same in both Ont. 49 and 6-49, better get your glasses checked. Ont. 49 gives you $50,000 while last Sat. night, 6-49 paid somewhere in the neighbourhood of $135,000.
Back to the drawing board for you!!!!
True, there is some difference in the payouts. In the long run, it doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. A win is a Win is a WIN.


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Hi! Mister spaceman!
The trick that I use ( and maybe somebody has
a better one) is not to limit my predictions with the help of only one device. I'm not perfect either and nobody is in here. If you compare predictions from many statistics systems ( not mambo jambo like delta tough)sometimes you will see a pattern developping between some numbers.After I create a list of numbers that
might fall into that trend.After you look for
totals with your numbers it acts as a filter,
You can also calculate the root,High numbers versus low numbers,sequences,consecutives,followers, hot and cold (tough its is not always true),always check the cutoff of your numbers you choose and many other factors too like the earlier draws.Also you must be patient and unafraid to get busted by some draws because most of the time you can know for almost sure that one or two numbers are going to end up winners but the rest of your group is not so certain! Like you I'm playing two different kind of 6/49 lottery and lately
I got a four+bonus in the québec/49 using the same numbers that I'm posting here each week!
I should have more success in the few weeks to come with the National 6/49 lottery!
I must be doing something right because Loto Tutor came with many of my numbers (And I've posted only 16 numbers since I got here) in their predictions for the next draws? Look at my numbers posted on may 12( 15 of them)and look at Loto Tutor predictions for the next draws.
You can see it for yourself on this site.
So use many different devices,programs,even books look also at other people predictions(serious people only). And I bet that you will increase your chances of winning in a more consistent basis. As for winning the big one I'm still looking for better tricks to get there.
Watch me for the next three weeks, I think I'm in a good trend at the moment! It's a matter of time!
When you are sure of a number play it on a wheel as a designated number!