Dear Sheba:


I've been meaning to speak with you about your dog (r.TM). It seems like a very nice dog(r.TM), all frolicky and well-groomed. Speculating, the dog(r.TM) has nice manners also.
Quite inadvertently, I sometimes take the dog(r.TM) home with me.
Without landlines to my house, on lottery draw nights, when i am able, i will print out the players' forum picks and take them home with me, peruse them following the draw (numbers accessible by sat phone). The postings you make, show your dog(r.TM ) at the bottom.
In each case, when the dog(r.TM) is printed out, the dog(r.TM) is shown as being in the upright position, frolicking, both front paws off the ground.
It would seem to me, much more of this, the dog(r.TM) will become extremely wasted. Which is not good for the dog(r.TM).The dog(r.TM) does not seem to mind going out with me (at least, the dog(r.TM) has never indicated to the contrary, but i am unable to get the dog(r.TM) to sit down. At least, not on the paper. And even when the paper lies down, the dog(r.TM) is still standing up. Somehow, when i get back to a PC, the dog(r.TM) has made it back ahead of me. Smart dog in some ways.

Any suggestions you have, how to get the dog(r.TM) more comfortable, would be appreciated.:confused: :dizzy: :dunce: