Database Error


Dear Members,

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that sometimes the forums are not available and you see an error screen with something like "there is a slight problem with the database".

This particular problem has nothing to do with the web site or the server etc. It is a massive problem being experienced by tens of thousands of web masters. Anyone who operates an SQL database on the web is being affected. These forums run off of an SQL database. That is good as SQL is fast and can handle tons of information. Most web sites also use another facility called CPanel to administer the web site account.
Well some moron at CPanel programmed CPanel to frequently go look for an updated version of itself. To do this it shuts down the SQL services on the server and then restarts SQL.
When SQL is shut down when someone is writing to the database ie posting a message then the database becomes corrupted and broken. And then the foums do not work. And someone is always here on the forums 24/7 which is another good thing :)
I can fix the database but the fix usually involves the deletion of the corrupted table(s) which means deleted threads.
It also gives me a full time job monitoring and fixing the engine of these forums :(
I'm not the only one ready to !#%& the imbicele who messed up CPanel as all databases on the internet are affected.
But at this point there is nothing else to do but to continue with repairs, downtime and deletions until CPanel releases a fix or a corrected new version.

Thanks for your patience.