create a generator for three digits from 0 to 9 (pick3), but linked to the previous pick3 draw.


create a generator for three digits from 0 to 9 (pick3), but linked to the previous pick3 draw register, the objective is to generate random pick3 of a maximum of two digits from the previous draws example=generated 375, but this pick is already in the list of previous draws, then discard, 376 this one can because it has two digits, it is at most two of the previous ones, objective is to have pick3 that did not repeat the three digits from the


hello FRANK can you help me put this together? please,1) Create a list of all numbers between 0 and 999. (I started the list, then dragged/filled to get all the numbers, but you can use whatever strategy you like for creating a list from 0 to 999).
2) Count how many times each number appears in the text file, which is a basic COUNTIFS() function (I'm assuming you know how to use the COUNTIFS() function).
At this point, I have a list of all the available 3 digit numbers and how often they appear in the list of previous draws. Obviously, what I want are the numbers where the count is 0, and I want to shuffle them so they appear in random order.
3) Shuffling is usually accomplished in cases like this by assigning a random unique (RAND() function in Excel) to each 0 to 999 number, then sorting the list so that the desired numbers will show at the top of the sorted list.
3a) =RAND()+count will give me random numbers between 0 and 1 for those numbers that don't occur in the list, and random numbers greater than 1 for anything already in the list.
3b) Sort the list by the random uniques in ascending order (so the 0 to 1 random numbers should be at the top of the sorted list), and I end up with a random list of 3 digit numbers that I can use (by pulling numbers from the top of the list) to generate my "random 3 digit numbers that are not currently on the given list of previous random 3 digit numbers". You can use the Sort command or, if your version supports it, the SORT() function, or whatever strategy you prefer for sorting a list.