Hi All

I'm was wondering how you all coupe with this virus, here in South Africa we have a complete lock down, we are not aloud to leave our houses.
We pray for you all.

BlouBul :cool:
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Thank you BlouBul.

I wish everyone wellness and safety during these very difficult times.

Here in Canada we are advised to do "social distancing" which means stay in you house as much as you can and stay 2 meters away from others when out.


Here in the U.K. we have self isolation for the over 70s or any household where one person is showing symptoms.
Then we have sheltering which means the most vulnerable with underlying health problems must stay at home for 12 weeks. These have been notified by the government.
We are on lockdown which means nobody except essential workers may go outside except to get food or medical reasons or to excercise once a day. Social distancing applies at all times.
With our Prime Minister in intensive care and ministers self isolating we are not in a good place at the moment, just approaching what we hope is the peak of hospital admissions. This virus is nasty, young people are in hospital as well, they thought they were invulnerable but were wrong. Stay safe everybody.