CoverMaster - i need the password to extract the file


Can anyone help me by giving me the password the program so i wanted to try it.

I can use Advanced Zip password but it will take a long long time....




I see on the CoverMaster download page that the author requires the recipient of the software to sign up at ebay and then he will email the necessary password.

"Please support CoverMaster by signing up with eBay. It costs you absolutely nothing !
Any new versions will be password protected and password will be supplied after you send me your eBay username. I'll post the password to the e-mail address registered with eBay."

The program is still free but a new step is needed to really get it. He probably gets some small renumeration back from ebay for each new signup. I can understand why he would want to do that. Afterall he is providing a good free product to the public available from his web site and it costs money to operate a web site.

One word of caution though before you go sign up at ebay and then get your password. I have heard that ebay sometimes spams ads to their membership lists. What might be a good thing to do would be to open up a "throwaway" email address at hotmail ie anything at hotmail dot com and use that address for your ebay sign up and reception address for the password. After you get your password then forget about the email account. Hotmail will delete it automaticaly after 60 days if it has not been used.


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