Could you open my thread?


Mr Lt,I'm sorry for I have violate your rule in untended way.It's not necessary for me to post my email standing out as what Dannis said that you give me other method to contact with others.So,I 'm not going to make such mistakes any more.I hope you can give me a chance.


sofia/ivygirl, I would email LT directly offline at the address that appears at the bottom 'contact us' . :agree:


Thanks very much for your kindness.I'm so clumsy to make such mistakes often while please believe me that I won't do what you are not allowed in my heart.


sofia said:
Thanks very much for your kindness.I'm so clumsy to make such mistakes often while please believe me that I won't do what you are not allowed in my heart.
Put that in the email. :agree:



Normally I would send an email to you offline but the posts from you need clarification for everyone.

I closed the thread re your software because you put up multiple links to the software that you are promoting here. You have posted off topic conversations re your software into other members threads and have also posted email addresses which is against the terms of membership that you agreed to when you signed up. I have also asked you to clarify some things. ie What is your role or relationship to the software? Is the software free? I understand that it costs $100 after the trial period is over?

It is ok to announce lottery software here if YOU are the owner and not an affiliate. If the software is not FreeWare then don't expect tons of threads here to essentially sell your product with free advertising.

You and any software author can count on lots of help re beta testing, feature requests and intelligent experienced feedback from the members here who are certainly the most knowledgable group on the internet re the lottery and its tools.

While I closed the thread, I did not cancel your membership. You can still post as "ivygirl".

Here is what I suggest. Let's start over. Post a new thread in the software section called "ivygirl software" or whatever. Post a link (all you need is 1)to your download page (please note that the site cannot contain links to other lottery bulletin boards and that the web site cannot harvest email addys etc.) The well developed membership list is not here for others to steal. If your site is ok then members here can go there, download your software and contribute to the discussion and development of your product.
Please keep that discussion in that thread. If it gets too big ie 100+ replies then set up another thread like "ivygirl software con't".
Please do not sign up under multiple member names. It makes it really confusing for everyone.
Please let everyone know what the basics are ie your role, the cost of the software, the trial period etc.


PS Beaker .. thanks for your help in providing good advice :agree2:


What to do Ivygirl

OK ivygirl. I don't think our host liked what he saw with the 4 threads for the software :no: - that might have been my fault :blush: - but I'm hoping he wants you to start over. I will try to help because I think it is interesting software.

OK do this:

1. Open a new thread - 1 ONLY in the 'Lottery Software' forum. Call it:

Ivygirl Software(Pyramid) Discussion.

2. The first post in that thread should introduce yourself and your software. Maybe something like this:

Hello lotto friends, my name is ivygirl. I am from Wuhan China and I am a (the) software developer for Pyramid Lotto Software.

I am interested in discussing lotto concepts with all of you and give you a chance to look at my(our) software to help you.

I am giving you an opportunity to use this software for free for a period of time. {ivygirl you should say how long here - 1 month 2 month 6 month or however time you want}

You can download the software at <<post link to download area>>

Please post any questions here and we can discuss lotto concepts together.

Thanks to LT for allowing me to provide the opportunity to review and discuss my software and lotto concepts and hope that it helps the members here to win.

How about that? :agree: If there is something else you want to add, just put it in.

Remember :no: :no: no email addresses :no: :sick: and only 1 thread to start.:agree2:
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