Copying & Pasting Data Into Your SpreadSheet


Lotto 101 - Copying & Pasting Data Into Your SpreadSheet

This information is for copying data from a file in plain-text format or a .csv file into your Excel SpreadSheet. This can either be from a downloaded file that you open from a link or raw data within a webpage.

(1) Highlight ALL the data from the downloaded Plain-Text File, .csv File or from the webpage that you want to copy into your SpreadSheet and press Ctrl-C (or Right-Click and Copy), this copies all the data to the clipboard.

(2) Goto your SpreadSheet and select cell A1 for example.

(3) Right-Click your mouse and click Paste Special... and then click Text.

(4) Highlight the whole of the column that the data is now in by clicking the Column Letter.

(5) Click the Data Tab at the top of your screen.

(6) Click Text to Columns.

(7) Click Delimited in this case and click Next.

(8) Check the Space box which will put a Tick in it and click Next.

(9) Click Finish.

Please Note:

If the Delimiter is NOT a Space, but some other Delimiter, then Check that particular box, like if it is a .csv file then you Check the Comma box. You might in special circumstances need to Check more than one box. Trial and error may sometimes need to be incorporated.


I would save the file directly after I have copied the data into the SpreadSheet and before I use the Text to Columns function. Save it as you normally would any Excel file.
If your first attempt isn't successful and it doesn't provide the correct results then you can simply use Ctrl-Z or the Undo facility and start again.

I hope you find this information useful!


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Many thanks PAB for providing this useful info for the members.