Computerized Lotto Draws


I came across this info, cannot post the source link but credit goes to Teo and Rob.
"total payout=maximum possible payout
for x = 1-2-3-4-5 to 35-36-37-38-39 do (repeat for all combo's)
begin (loop)
lowest payout=payout for this combination
if lowest payout < total payout then
total payout=lowest payout
end (loop)

Above is a snippet of something computer programmer's call "pseudo-code". It is universal to all computers, all operating systems. The example used is for any pick 5/39 game.

This code, when incorporated into your State's computerized lotto draw
program insures that the number drawn will have the lowest possible payout of all combinations sold. In otherwords, it is impossible to win the jackpot if all possible combinations were not sold.

The reader may be surprised to learn that while this code obviously creates a dishonest (rigged) game, it is not illegal. State lottery corporations are free to use any system they choose for their lotteries. There is no legislation requiring them to provide an honest game. Their only requirement under law is a game result. How they arrive at that result is totally up to them!

Computerized lotto draw programs are, by their very nature, programmable and subject to manipulation. Write your elected public official and demand a guarantee, under law, of an honest ball-drop game."

Hmmm ... I wonder!

BC49 lotto is the one I play the most and it is computer generated, as are most other provincial lottos in Canada, I think. It would certainly be most usefull to confirm if this code is being used by BCLC as well. I do know from published sales reports that on average they sell ~700,000 tickets per draw, so there is no way that all possible combos of ~14M were covered in any and all draws to present, and probably in the future also.

Have I been dealing with a 'shady' operation here?

All other players of provincial games may find this of interest. Does anyone know if this is allowed in Canada?


Who told you that b4 ?
many ppl said nah.....
So when jackpot of 649 is way up, I see tons of 5/6 BC49 winners and many times we have a 6/6 Winner !!


Of course it was you Combo, we have had many talks about this.
But it was/is all speculative at best, with no 'hard' evidence ... this could be the pudding! ;)


In my opinion, maybe it's not illegal, but sure raises some doubts on the draws,with a greater possibility of manipulation.

I'd never played a lotto that's computer generated, if someone in Croatian lottery would've tryed to implement this, they could close their offices as well.


Fixing of numbers

Yes, fixing is quite easy on a computer generated lottery but the real question is WHY DO IT?

In most cases, the payout is already determined (usually around 45% of sales, I think) with so much going for the minimum numbers (3 in a 6/49 lottery) and then, the remaining amount is split at a given ratio for each other winning combinations (4 winning numbers, 5, 5+bonus and 6 WN). Any large prize not won is rolled over for the next draw.

And the other aspect to consider is: Eventually the fixing would be coming out and people would stop playing lotteries and the government could say bye bye to the large amounts of money they get from lotteries. This is a golden egg that repeats itself every day, every week, every month... Why kill this unlimited source of money.


I agree with what you said GillesD, let me just add some words about situation in our country...

Some time back in Croatia there was a suspect of allegedly fixed draw when the jackpot was extremely high for our lotto (around 3M euros) because the winning ticket was played at the time when all the lotto terminals were down because of to many people trying to place their bets at the same time.
So there was a gossip,never confirmed though, that lottery officials fixed the draw and gave some provision to the man that allegedly won.
Canada being a highly regulated country can afford computer generated draws,but in a highly corrupted country such is ours,computer generated draws would've been a golden egg for everybody (government,lottery officials,etc),except the players.


Good points made by all so far. I do agree with you Gilles, why 'kill the goose'? That has been my contention in our talks with Combo.
However the question remains if fixing is allowed or not, maybe at a 'reduced' level? (by that I mean some kind of selective inclusion of JPs ... they do get won in BC occasionally) and whether we have access to that information.
I think it does not happen here but can one be sure? Guess a good start will be to put the question directly to BCLC.

(was hoping someone knew as I don't really like to deal with lotto officials :D)

Yeah Brado

you remember Daleks and his encouters with BCLC ? So why bother asking them..Since we know their answer...
There was a similar point raised to them years ago about integrity of lotto...bCLC tried in vain to get his name or to face him..But he never showed his face and the matter died then...