canadian lotto scam


well this is abit old, but i just found out today on GMTV... (gotta watch something in the mornings.)

but they were talking about some lotto canadian scam... its sad to c such things spoil it for real bussness syndicates.

well, keen to know more , i surched the net and well, found out it has been going on for a few months.

for those of you who havent read the story here it is:

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Lottery Scams

I would love to see this story. I am currently researching international lotteries online. I want to be able to buy tickets in what ever country has the largest jackpot at any given time. The only problem has been, trying to figure out are there any online lotto sites that are known as a scam. :uzi:
Or which sites are safe, buying tickets online is not a tangable item, so how would one know if the tickets has REALLY been purchased??. Electronic transmission of a receipt is not really solid enough advice. Any one can really create that online.
The only way I can figure this out so far is to buy a tickets online, wait for a win, and then see if they pay???:beer: or :burnt: