Boring WINHunter news


Visit this ...thread for download links and information... Other than that, here is the news as posted on Sourceforge for this release!

WINHunter is being released with several updates to it's prediction engine. The latest updates allow full interfacing to the core clsLOTTO object via Active-X from other software, such as MicroSoft Excel. Also included with this release is a new prediction analysis technique dubbed "Announcers". This technique analyzes which numbers "point" to the next numbers that have been drawn.

WINHunter now has eleven different processors, with the possibility of even more as development and user suggestions continues. User options for configuring Processors is virtually limitless. For a brief summary of the filtering object structure utilized in WINHunter, visit here to better understand what goes on in the Filtering engine.

WINHunter is an emerging Lottery Prediction technology that bases it's predictions on past historical data analysis designed either by User input or Artificially Intelligent designed Filter stacks. Predicting Lottery drawings is based on the simple idea that a lottery drawing machine is a closed/fixed system that operates within a set range of operating parameters, and thus like weather patters will allow or disallow certain drawing patters to ever emerge. WINHunter is also an attempt to prove or disprove whether or not a Lottery is truly "random", where Random is defined as: "> Of or relating to an event in which all outcomes are equally likely, as in the testing of a blood sample for the presence of a substance"

Version Release information:
This version of WINHunter has many new changes! Most notably are more bug fixes, and some behind the scenes enhancements to make the Lotto object useable in other Active-X VBA applications such as MS-Excel. Just goto the Tools-References and look for the 'Lotto' reference. There will be soem notes and tutorials in how to use the Lotto object from within Excel, as well as other VBA enabled applications. Also in this version are more fixes to the Distrobution client code within WINHunter. There were some minor glitches with Server communications, which are now fixed. Also fixed were some minor problems with the Autoloader form. Lastly, but most definately not least, is the inclusion of the Triple hit processor and Dennis Bassboss's Announcer Processor. I must be sure to mention the Announcer Trigger, which can be used to cause A filter to trigger on certain "announcer" numbers! Also, fixed a problem with the installation of 1.1.0. Apparently, there was a conflict with registry entries...

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