Board crashed


Peter, I've done it too. I think lots of us who post have done it. Glad they found out what the prob was. I hope it gets fixed. I'd hate to be the guy who programmed it all wrong. Bad karma, man.:sick:


peter said:
I think I was the one posting when the board crashed, opps!

Yes ... you destroyed the mother board and the father board too :lol:

Actually Peter the first error message did come in when your post re the oilers hit the glitch. But this has nothing at all to do with Peter .. just the timming of that particular post at the exact same time as the faulty CP - MYSQL shut down. Just Murphy's law and I hope that that the system gets fixed soon. So my apologies to you Peter and all for the glitch. It is beyond my control but should be gone soon.


Hopefully they will get the problem fixed soon and then all of the databases across the net won't be giving everyone headaches. :)