Black Boxes In Cars!....


Police Using Information from Vehicle Black Boxes

Planes have them, ships have them, and some may be suprised to learn many vehicles are equipped with the so-called black boxes. RCMP Staff Sargent Barry McNeil says the black boxes contain information on what happened moments before a crash such as if seatbelts were used, whether the airbags deployed, and what speed the vehicle was travelling. McNeil says if charges are anticipicated a warrant would be obtained and the black box would be sent to the mainland for analysis. McNeil says they would not lay charges as a direct result of information retrieved in the black boxes. He says additional evidence would be collected.



I saw that ...

The black box is part of the air bag system, I hear they'll be putting in a mini-camera with a satellite uplink to keep track of potential organ donors next :eek:

... get them while they're still hot (sick :D )


i heard somewhere that the ownership of those car's black boxes are in question, ie. even though you paid money for the car the actual boxes still belong to the car manufacturer? Weird huh:confused: :rolleyes: