Best approaches


Reviewing threads, I can see that others are more advanced than I am. I'm relatively new at this hobby. So, for those who use computer systems, I have Gail Howard and Lottopro.
Some questions:
1. What are some of the better ways of picking numbers?
2. Should I just go with smart picks?
3. Are high frequencies a smart move?

Just need some simple startup instructions for a newbie.:confused:


Hi job .. welcome to the club :wavey:
You have two very good programs but DO NOT go with the Gail Howard "smart picks" :(
GH is a great program and particularily good with data management and display but the smart picks are generally recognized to be a minor and unfullfilling feature of that particular software.
YES .. do go with a good majority of hot - high frequency numbers but determine what is hot with a short history ie last 10 to 25 draws. (I assume that you are playing a 6/49).
Do not count on long out - cold numbers to happen just because they haven't appeared in many draws. "Due" numbers only work in a pick 3 - 4 game.
Skip and hit patterns are extremely usefull (GH has some good graphs for this) and LottoPro is great for a general selection of numbers via their auto selection.
I would highly recomend that you download Andrew's WINHunter - free program and check it out.
I have been really general here with my post but hopefully it will get you off in the right direction and all of the members here will be able to help you out along the way with better specifics to hitting the big prize :)

All the Best of Lotto Luck to You!