Here's 10 for tonite :


I perspired to get this pick :D . Have you tried LottoWin on BC49 lately?

Lotto Luck !!

Well Brad ...lets look at the positive here you were aiming right at the consecutives happenning in the 30s and you were only a few numbers off...next time you'll get them.


Long shots came in... 9 'longest out' had 4 hits... go figure... :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: . I'll put 4 ice cubes in my drink tonite :dizzy:
When these long shots hit they can drive you crazy!
I've got nailed by some a few times too!
Keep them coming Brad and Combo you'll hit for more in a hurry!:agree:



I'm assuming Bassboss is your handle? Not many bass here in BC but I used to love to catch large and smallmouth in the Muskokas, gotta say that was much easier than catching lotto nrs!!

Cheers. :cool:
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I'm a fisherman too besides beeing a loto player you are right on that! I used to guide fisherman to hot spot on lakes and rivers here....Now I hope to guide myself (or all the others nice players here on this board)into a nice win in the lottery ...lol...lol...lol...
Lets say that this would give me the time to go on my greatest and longest fishing trip.:cool: :D

Slowly getting there...double win tonite in 6/49 and in Banco...lol..lol..lol..:lol:
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Hey I'll make you a deal...when I hit the big pot ;) , I'll fly to see you in my 'new' Beaver on floats with a prospector canoe attached and you can show me some good spots !! :D :D
To Brad

Hey Brad,

I didn't play Combo tonite, just played 3 lines from Lotto97.
But I will play this coming Sat.
No I haven't tried LottoWin with BC/49 but I remember late 2000 this prog was hitting 7/7 and tons of 4's out of 20 Plus 6/20 and 5/20.
The trick was keep playing with one set of 20 numbers without changing them.
That prog is terrible trying to predict 10 or 12. It had to be 20 !!