BC/Québec 49 September 18 Picks



My picks-

01 02 03 04 05 07 08 10 15 16 19 22 34 35 49

Some randomly picked from this set-

03 04 07 08 09 12 14 16 17 18 19 24 30 31 32 37 44 46

Good Luck:wavey:


BC49 PICKS for tonite

... and they're at the post ! ...

03-11-16-21-35-39-48 FW7

01-10-11-15-19-20-21-24-25-28-38-40-43 DN39-AW14, 3if4, 16 lines.

Sneaked in 01 and 28 which were not in my earlier reckoning.

Good Luck Players !! :agree2:

01-11-19-21-28-29-32-39-44-49 18 lines



Very close to yours I guess but hey we can both win like b4 haha
I know I took the risk of playing 4,12 cause both are dead but we all know what happens sometimes.
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See you chose 23 which got pushed out by 01 in my line, but if
1-11-19-21-28-39 get picked and appear in that order in your 18 and my 16 liner we'll meet at BCLC headquarters :lol: :lol: .


Here they are:

QE... 03-11-16-25-30-31 B21
ON... 08-09-20-31-34-35 B42
BC... 03-06-08-15-17-21 B11
no guarantee for 6/10 or 6/14


Here in Vancouver I can cash up to 3,000.00 if the retailer knows the winner well enough.
What is the situation in your town ?


That'd be nice, hehe ... don't know for sure but about the same here.

Nice low draw eh? QE and BC had 3 nrs the same this time.

Well I got 3/7... too bad 11 was the bonus :dang:, and oneoffitis on 16 ...
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u matched 4/7 in Quebec !!

U played the wrong lotto again .. It was a bad night everywhere here and on 6/49.
I told you I had a bad feeling for tonite which should have kept me away from playing.
We didn't do that bad, it's just no $$$$$$$.
Even the progs managed to get 2 right but no 3 match .
So it was 6/21 tonite so perhaps there is a winner but most likely not.


You had to point it out :bawl: ... that would be $190... Hey Dennis, wanna swap picks for next draw ? :lol: (actually less because of the bonus)

Btw Combo, check your progs again, WH got 8-15-21 :agree2:
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WH best of two lines

Btw Combo, check your progs again, WH got 8-15-21 :agree2: [/B][/QUOTE].

I should have combined both lines to match 4 out 12 or so but where is the money


you are probably gonna ask me what are you talking about
well I had 2 different predictions by WH both had 5 numbers common and 5 different ones. So I picked the best of the 2.
All in all we can say WH pulled one back to trail LA 1/3.

I told you number 10 triggers lots of crazy stuff and look what happened tonight.