BC/49 & Quebec/49 Sep 4 Pred & Nmbrs

Here are different progs Predictions for BC/49

A- 01-11-12-16-17-26-27-35-37-47
B- 09-10-15-16-20-23-30-36-38
C- 02-04-05-13-21-31-33-39
D- 04-05-13-29-31-39-40-41-43

A & B are High with different parameters
C &D are Low

05-08-09-18-25-38-39-40-41 or

You could see repeats of 18-25 ( I don't think so).

Lotto 97

Number 5 is shining that my eyes are blind :lol:
To Maggie

Hey Maggie,

I already gave it away to my wife so that she can treat herself to something nice :D . My share was only $120.00.
But I promise you in case I win tonite anything, I will be buying S7
UNLESS 6/49 goes up higher :lol:
So let's hope we match 4/6 tonite in either Lottery.

Good Luck



here's my short list:

due 11-21-33-35-37
oons 33-17-24-19-25
reps 24-25-22-34-18

notice 33,24,25 show twice, but is 24 going to threepeat? Also no 40s or 01s come up in my figuring...not sure if I like that. My gut likes 33 and 34 ... my list supports 33, less so 34 :confused: .

Might try a different approach today...

What's this I hear about S7 ? Did the odds change recently ? :lol:
Only if I win more than $40.00


I still stand by what I said b4, there is no S7 unless I win let's say $190.00..Cause I am not gonna spend $20.00 or less. You have to have at least $30.00 in order to wheel 12 numbers I hope.

Your Due list is missing numbers 4-5-31-41 where are they ? :D

As for repeats who knows that's why I just don't play them :lol:

BTW the ComboMania is spreading around, one of my group lotto ppl is gonna play Combo 9 this Sat :lol:
And the wife's relatives are asking questions about this Combo Play !! The reason for that is I am frequently winning whereas they can't even get 4/6 once !! Quickpicks Dohhhh.
Come on Brado let's do it tonite again.
Will post numbers later on.


Re: Only if I win more than $40.00


let's call it a truce on S7 :D

re: due nrs
ComboManiac said:
Brado, ...snip...your Due list is missing numbers 4-5-31-41 where are they ? :D
Maybe the above nrs should be called Overdue, being out the longest. When I sellect my 'due' nrs I consider avg., median and current age and also current vs avg. hits. Sometimes but not always those will also be Overdue.

The repeats are listed from high to low, high having the most consecutive hit percentage in the past...I find that the three highest in any list are the most likely to repeat. Same goes for oons.

That's just a quick look at how I pick usually, but sometimes all that goes out the window ... like maybe today :dizzy: .
Got your point


I see now the difference between Due and Overdue :agree:
Repeats I have to look into them more carefully.
I expect crazy numbers to show up tonite just to kill our mood ( I hope am 100% wrong).

Do you have any idea about the use and not used ( skip) in the new version of Winhunter ? I think it's under selector. I am not sure about the right words though. I am not home now so I can't get them right.


Got me on the Winhunter thing :confused:

If you want some wild and crazy nrs try these: 04-39-13-47. Kind of fits in with my way of picking, separating nrs that are behaving 'normally' from the ones with abnormal behaviour.

Andrew is busy

I rarely see Andrew cause I guess he's busy with many things.
He's going after Florida Lotto. I believe it's 52 US Millions ( u like that don't you :D )

Like I said b4 version 0.1.4 is kicking the New one with no mercy ( in terms of predicting).

Cheers :beer:
Québec/49 prediction for September 4

Here they are...

Hints...Hints...05-08...play them...just play them both...
:kaioken: :kaioken:
Here are Mine

AW 8 02-04-05-13-21-37-39-44

Combo 7 01-19-28-33-35-44-47

Combo 7 05-12-21-28-31-41-44

Good Luck and let's win more yeaaa BABY



Que49 03-08-15-19-37-43 B41

BC49 05-17-25-31-37-38 B26

Look at this Combo,

due 11-21-33-35-37
oons 33-17-24-19-25
reps 24-25-22-34-18

This is what I was going to play 11-21-33-35-37-17-25....BUT DIDN'T :bawl: . Also called no 40s or 01s, half right on that...gotta learn to trust my picks!! The 24 didn't threepeat which was expected, a gift when it shows up in the short list like that. Starting September with a goose egg:dang:

You were very close in AW8 ! Good call on 5 !! What did you base it on? And how about 4-5-31-41...2/4, not bad...
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Maggie said:
Don't worry Maggy I have a very good Keyboard ...but my goodness what have I just saw again here as Brad pointed out already.....one of my Hints came up!!! :lol:
Why didn't play tonite Brad ?

You could have got another $40.00 which is better than NOTHING.
Mine again that famous 2/8 or 2/7 :mad:
But hey Lotto-Analyzer leads now 2/0 as it scored tonite 3/9 and the rest was 2 which is nothing.
You were asking about 5,31 well it has been a long time no show so finally they did.
Now I have to think about number 4 and possible repeat like 39.


I'm asking myself the same Q now, but sometimes I do that when I don't like my chances...crazy eh? Well at least I know that the system is worth exploring further.

Follow instinct


Even my last AW9 from Aug 31 would have won $40.00 had I played it again :mad:
I am getting closer to a decision to follow Lotto-Analyzer as it's doing much better than any other prog.
Winhunter does well when there is many numbers to wheel like 16 or so.
Take care.
Re: Follow instinct

ComboManiac said:

Even my last AW9 from Aug 31 would have won $40.00 had I played it again :mad:
I am getting closer to a decision to follow Lotto-Analyzer as it's doing much better than any other prog.
Winhunter does well when there is many numbers to wheel like 16 or so.
Take care.
If you criss-cross Lotto-Analyzer (single announcers) with the double and triple announcers grids.....you will find some amazing things... Take it from the amazing Dennis Bassboss ...a big win is lurking inside these datas.... :eek: :lol: